Double U Frenk N° #06 Bracelet

Simple, classic style is timeless for a reason. If you skip the trendy options, forget the flavors of the week, and stick to strong, sleek, tried and true pieces, you’re investing in items that will stand the test of time and be part of your look for years to come – no matter what trends come and go in the meantime.

The Double U Frenk N° #06 Bracelet is one of those items. 

Simple, classy, and sharp, this metal bracelet by the awesome Italian street jewelry brand is one-size adjustable, and the perfect understated accessory for any beardsman.

“I used to be into punk music, and this kind of chain look is very much in that vein,” says collection curator Jeff Buoncristiano.

“It pulls in a little bit of that old school style and mentality.”
Created from zinc and alloying elements of aluminum, magnesium, and copper, the bracelet is made of what is called “Zamak metal” – a hypoallergenic metal that is anti-rust and 100% nickel-free.

Double U Frenk started three years ago as a creative outlet for a small group of friends in Modena, Italy. Their first design was a skull necklace that they took to local clubs, and in no time it caught on – they’re now carried in 80 shops around Italy and ship worldwide from their website.


What’s even cooler? They never set up a brick and mortar flagship store. Instead they outfitted a caravan with their designs and style and drive around the country showcasing their jewelry at festivals and shops.

To get your Double U Frenk N° #06 Bracelet, visit the store now!



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