Birline Eclipse Black Watch

Sometimes you want a watch that’s reliable, durable, and can take some wear and tear, but you don’t want it to look like something you’d wear to clock your time running a marathon. With Birline’s Eclipse Black watch, you get the all the reliability you need mixed with serious style and class.

“It’s the new watch in my collection, I love it,” says collection curator Eric Bandholz.

“I worked with the founders of Birline and shared some information on how to grow their company, so we developed a great business relationship before we ever even started the store and carried their product.”

At an ultra thin 6mm, it’s lightweight, subtle, and sophisticated. Featuring a scratch-resistant Sapphire glass top, Swiss movement, and stainless steel case, it boasts an ultra-light stainless steel mesh adjustable strap with clasp fastening.

Birline’s vision is simple – they make watches that are versatile, affordable, and beautiful. Founders Andy Nilsson and Alexander Andersson are designers and entrepreneurs, but at heart, they’re just total watch lovers. Their passion for creating great timepieces with different types of strap fabrics and a plethora of colors to choose from proves that Birline is a company that you need to invest in and make part of your collection. Unmatched reliability and unparalleled style and individuality means your Birline will become a focal point of your style for years to come.

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