Status Anxiety Darius Black Leather Wallet

Want a wallet that can store everything but the kitchen sink? Look no further than the Darius by Status Anxiety.


“I picked it because it was soft leather and it can hold everything inside of the zipper pocket,” says collection curator Carlos Costa.

“I can be quite clumsy and lose stuff, so this helps keep things organized. And I can throw it in my backpack and things don’t get loose and fall out.”
Status Anxiety focuses on functional and uncomplicated items made from premium leather. In their early days, the founders of Status Anxiety began with one style in five colors and shopped their brand to boutiques around Sydney. Today, they can be found in over 600 top-tier fashion boutiques and department stores across 12 countries.

And it’s easy to see why.

Their items are clean and minimalist, they’re timeless and classic rather than trendy and following fads. Here at Urban Beardsman, we focus on these types of items and products because we firmly believe that the coolest style is a timeless style. Items that hold true and look good no matter the era or trend-propelled time period are items that are investments in your personal style for years to come.


The Darius black leather wallet is built to hold everything a guy will need. It’s a full-grain leather wallet with seven card slots, full size internal open-out banknote space, and even a button-close coin compartment. It’s the ultimate wallet for the modern urban beardsman.

To get your Status Anxiety Darius black leather wallet, visit the store now!


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