How To Trim Your Beard and Mustache Like a Boss

Cultivating an epic beard and mustache starts with putting down the razor and letting it grow. But sometimes we as guys forget that the journey of growth isn't an endless road; there comes a time when we all have to give the mane a trim. It's an intimidating notion. To chop down the bushy brush we've been cultivating for months - or maybe years - on end. But gentlemen, today we're talking beard trims and how to properly go about shaping and trimming your beard to ensure that when all is said and done, you're looking sharp, dapper, and better than ever.

Take It Slow

When you decide to make your move, it's easy to get over anxious and want to dive right in to felling your follicular forest.

Take a breath.

Before you jump in, give your beard a look and decide how much you want to take off, and what kind of shape you're going for. Get a feel for what you're going to do before you do it.

Once you're ready, your best bet is to start small - minor trims to kick things off will ensure that you don't go overboard and take things too far. Small cuts will allow you to slowly progress through your trim, and reevaluate between snips to determine if you need to continue or have reached your goal.

Tools Of The Trade

Trimming at home takes a few important tools; a mirror, a comb, good pair of trimming scissors, and patience.

When it comes to scissors, you want a professional pair that are designed for haircare. The reason? Pharmacy brand scissors might get the job done, but a professionally made pair of trimming scissors are designed to be far more precise and comfortable. The last thing you'll need is a poorly made pair of scissors sticking as you cut, rusting, and pulling at your beard hair instead of clean cut.

Give your beard the best, and make sure it is comfortable - invest in a good pair of scissors.

Don't Thrash The 'Stache

The mustache is a monster all its own. The main idea is to keep the bulk and give it some shape. Comb your mustache down toward your lip, and locate the wiry stray hairs and split ends. Using your scissors, you want to slowly cut in a triangle shape, with the top point of the triangle starting at the middle of your upper lip. This "frown" shape will ensure your 'stache is versatile - you can leave it natural with no styling or product, and it will be full, neat, and shapely, or you can grab some mustache wax and style it into a handlebar, and you'll see it feather and spread nice and evenly. A good trim done right will guarantee your mustache can be styled and worn a few different ways, and look good every time.


After a trim, your beard and mustache are going to need some pampering. Wash off excess hairs with some beard wash and softener. Specially designed for your beard, washes and softeners are built to keep your beard soft and clean. And after that, don't forget some beard oil - we recommend our new Old Money scent from our Gold Line collection - or some of our utility balm.

Beard oil and our utility balm are both deep-conditioning products that are made to keep your beard soft, hydrated, healthy, and shiny. A healthy beard is a happy beard, so don't skimp on the aftercare. Grab some of our oil and balm and keep it soft.

Trimming can be a daunting task, but with a little patience and the right tools, you'll be on your way to one majestic man mane in no time!


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