Dress Shirts For The Modern Man

—Parker Mallouf
Dress Shirts For The Modern Man

Expectations Exceeded 

A few days ago I was asked to write about an active wear dress shirt that was being sent over from our collaboration manager Carlos Costa. Like any man in their right mind I jumped at the idea of snagging a shirt in exchange for a blog article. 

However, my expectations were nothing short of low. Being 6'4" with a broad frame, I have become accustomed to being let down by shirts that don't fit properly. 

If a quality shirt fits my torso, it is often too short in the sleeves. If the sleeves are long enough, the rest of the shirt looks like an oversized pillow case. I expected this instance to be no different. 

Yesterday morning my GANT Tech Prep Chambray shirt arrived at the office. As I pulled the shirt out of the box, I noticed how light and breathable the material was. I still wasn't convinced that the XL shirt was going to fit properly, but I knew immediately I had scored a high quality casual dress shirt. 

After trying it on, I instantly fell in love. Not only did the sleeves land exactly where they needed to be, but the shoulders and torso areas were very complimenting. I liked the shirt so much I didn't take if off the rest of the day. 

History of GANT

It was time I did my due diligence and research GANT, and more specifically the 'Tech Prep' line. I soon realized that the shirt not only fit well, but it was designed for my type of lifestyle.

GANT has been an incorporated company since the 1940's. Founded by Bernard Gantmacher, the innovative clothing line has evolved with the times. Originally the brand was often seen being sported by young male students. The shirts were known for their unique back of collar button, and the locker loop. 

Since then, the company has stayed true to their roots and continue to manufacture and design classic shirts with modern twists. The original headquarters was located in New Heaven, Connecticut.

However, since then, the company has gone public and is now headquartered in Stockholm Sweden. The company now has over 4,000 select retailers and nearly 600 brick and mortar stores.  

About The Tech Prep Line

The fitted cut of the Chambray shirt truly feels as if it was designed specifically for people with slim to athletic builds. Enough room in the shoulders paired with a nice taper towards the midriff could not be more precise. 

Innovative fabrics used to design these shirts are breathable, moisture-wicking, and quick drying. In a nutshell they were created for professionals with active lifestyles. 

Whether you're late for your early morning meeting, or you get the nervous sweats right before your big presentation, these Tech Prep shirts will keep you dry and comfortable. 

The secret is the moisture-wicking microfiberpolyester fabric. Basically, the fabric absorbs and moves moisture and humidity off of your body. It is then pushed to the outside of the fabric, where it instantly evaporates. Leaving you looking dry, crisp, and comfortable. 

GANT's Tech Prep garments include a finely tuned woven pattern. This allows for optimal, unobstructed airflow throughout the day. 

"Bike to office. Run to meeting. Catch a plane. Do it again next week. Modern life happens on the go, and these shirts are designed with special features to help you feel dry, cool, and on the move. No matter where your day takes you, in a shirt with Tech Prep, you will never not be comfortable."

Get the gear HERE. Also, don't forget to check out the Tech Prep line. 



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