The Ultimate Do It Yourself Beard Grooming Kit

The Beardsman Kit.

Recently, I came into the good fortune of discovering that I was bored with shaving my face every morning. So I stopped. And with patient curiosity, I watched in awe as my facial landscape gradually transformed from a barren wasteland, to a grassy prairie, right into a scary jungle filled with patchy vegetation and potential dangers. “Oh, wow” said my friends and family, and “please stop”. But I didn’t stop, because I had already begun to feel that wild thing calling from within which has lured so many before me down the path of the beardsman.

Like so many others who have answered that call, however, I wandered astray. I was all alone in a strange, bushy new world governed by one single law: keep going. Eventually, my addictive adventure led me to someone who was not repulsed by my tangled, wiry face. “We’ve been there,” he said, “and I can show you the way forward from here”. And the encounter changed my life forever. Enter Beardbrand.

Like a young wizard discovering an academy where he could learn to control his magic and become disciplined and powerful, Beardbrand opened my eyes to a world of well-groomed potential for greatness. I quickly learned not only that I could keep almost all of the growth I had committed to, but that it could actually look nice. As in, really nice. Meaning people would be willing to make eye contact with me, and stop begging me to shave. I was in, sign me up, where do I start? “You’ve already started, now for the good part”. And I was introduced to the Beardsman Grooming Kit.

Now, the kit itself is sleek and minimalist. The contents come secured in a well-crafted black-walnut case that tucks away nicely on a shelf or serves as an attractive display piece on your bathroom counter. All the edges are smooth, and the magnetically-secured lid swivels up to reveal a thoughtfully-designed removable grid keeping your grooming gear neatly separated. As a whole, the presentation of the kit creates a sense of ritual that you’ll continue to feel every day that it guides you down the path of becoming or being a true Beardsman.

When you open your kit, you’ll find a brush, scissors, three combs, some wax, oil, and a button. And you will use everything. In case your imagination isn’t already alight with the possibilities, I’ll break it down for you.

The Boar’s-Hair Brush.

A most exciting item for those who are already well into their beard-growing journey, the largest item in the kit doesn’t just lie there in wait for those who are just beginning. While heavy beards will appreciate the whip-crack effect this brush provides to keep their facial glory tamed, lighter beards can still enjoy the relaxing and yet stimulating effect of a good, gentle brushing. With regular use, the all-natural, French-made boar’s hair brush is an indispensable tool in helping keep beards of all shapes and sizes healthy, clean, and well-groomed.

The Combs.

On first impression, these combs are beautiful. As you familiarize yourself with them, they’re flawless. Your grooming kit will contain three finely-crafted Swiss-made combs, aptly named “large”, “pocket”, and, “mustache”. Each of the combs is hand-made, cut, and polished with the same fine attention to detail that it will help you provide to your beard. I will admit that I didn’t immediately recognize the benefit of having these specific combs over something I could buy at the drugstore, but I respectfully apologized to them after actually handling and using them for a bit. The edges and teeth are smooth, uniformly cut, and sturdy as hell. The mustache comb is fine-cut for styling lip-whiskers, the pocket comb is perfectly portable for adjustments on the go, and the large comb is a silky, load-bearing workhorse designed with maximum grooming utility in mind. Whether you need a quick touchup on the run or you’re carefully crafting your style for the day, your Beardsman’s Kit has the tools you need. But even the finest combs will only take you so far, which brings us to:

The Beard Oil.

This is what differentiates “a Beardsman’s kit” from “your Beardsman’s kit”. When selecting your kit, you have several options between which beard oil you want. I’ve come to love the richly fragrant Old Money and Temple Smoke oils from Beardbrand’s Gold Line of products, but any choice you make is going to provide you with a light, all-natural oil that will leave your beard soft, shiny, and tamed. If you’ve never used an oil before, you will be thoroughly impressed, and you will come back for more.

The Mustache Wax.

This one is fantastic. It’s made with just a few high-quality, no-nonsense ingredients : beeswax, jojoba oil, a light natural fragrance of your choice, and lanolin. You’ll want to keep this one nice and warm in your pocket so you can scrape a little off as needed to turn your crawling lip vines into a beautifully-sculpted work of art. It’s not crazy waxy and it’ll hold your mustache out of your teeth quite nicely, all day long.

And here we are. I’ve saved my favorite for last. It’s the ultimate tool in taking your beard game away from shattering mirrors and toward shattering hearts. It’s not just equipment, but a companion you will learn to respect and appreciate for years to come. It is:

The Scissors.

When I was an undomesticated, aspiring Beardsman, I fled in terror from the presence of clippers, shears, and blades of any sort. My heart was set on raw, savage, unrelenting facial wilderness and anything else would simply not do. But the first tenet of Beardbrand wisdom that I was made to learn was that a good trim is our friend. As closed off as I was to the idea of grooming my face, my resolve was crushed under the sturdy weight of these scissors. Elegantly designed with a matte silver finish and gold accents, the Japanese steel blades were too attractive and finely crafted to neglect. Guided and inspired by Beardbrand’s veteran Beardsmen, I dove into my first trim. The scissors performed with insane precision and comfort, and I became addicted. So whether you’re a beard-shaping professional, or a nervous rookie new to the game, these scissors are going to be an immensely valuable and irreplaceable aspect of your grooming routine.

You Also Get a Button.

Which is super neat. I keep mine on the wall of my cubicle to remind me why I bother working so hard. Because I’m a Beardsman, and I understand that some things are worth the effort.

All in all, the kit is gorgeous and highly functional. Everything comes together to provide a ritual experience that is not only enjoyable, but offers results to be proud of. At the same cost of one of these kits, another man might buy a pair of shoes that go nicely with a couple particular outfits, or a pair of cufflinks that he could wear on a special occasion. But you have one accessory that could go great with every outfit, for every occasion, every day. It’s your face. All you need to do is take care of it, and the enjoyment of your well-groomed beard will provide high returns on your investment for years to come. Good luck, Beardsmen.

-- j.goodkat 

(Jonathan Breaux)


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