Five Ways To Summer Proof Your Hair

Sure, many of you are only in the process of thawing yourselves out post-winter, however, before you know it summer will be here in full force. Trips to the beach, festivals a’plenty, and using every excuse in the book to simply be outside all the goddamn time. It’s a beautiful time of year and we all look forward to it in our own unique ways. You know what part of you isn’t looking forward to summertime though? Your hair.

For all the good that summer brings with it, your hair is always in danger of receiving the bad end of the deal with an increase in temperatures, added exposure to the sun, and more sweat than any other part of the year. Unlike the winter, where your skin is more likely to dry out, summertime is all about balancing your hair getting fried with the grime that comes from increased perspiration. Don’t you worry though, we here at Urban Beardsman have you covered.

Try Out A Shorter Cut

Still rocking the flowing locks you grew out last year? Maybe it’s time for a mid-cut to try out over the summer. If you’re already at mid-length status, maybe go all out and opt for a short cut as the temperatures increase. Here’s the logic behind this simple theory: the less hair you have, the less you need to worry about it this summer. Sand, saltwater, and sun all wreak havoc on your hair, but if you opt for a shorter do, you simply have less to worry about. We know you’ve spent a long time letting your hair grow out, but unless you’ve become attached to your newfound man bun, having long hair during the summer will get very hot, very quickly. Choose wisely.

Wash Your Hair Less Often

For whatever reason, there are still plenty of guys out there that utilize the “wash your hair everyday” strategy. We’ve said it once, we’ve said it a hundred times, cutting back on washing your hair is above and beyond the best thing you can do for the health of your hair. By washing your hair too often, you’re depriving it of the natural oils that form in your hair, keeping it healthy and moist. With all the time you’ll be spending out and about this summer, it’s important to keep your hair moist and healthy so try to knock back the washing of your hair to twice a week tops.

Try Out Some New Products

Ever wondered how your girlfriend or your female office mate or some random girl you see on the bus seems to have some lush and beautiful hair? Well, besides the fact that they’re actually willing to do what’s needed to make it look fantastic each and everyday, women have been using excellent products that can help their hair look its best during the hot weather. If you follow our advice and cut down on the hair washing, trying out some dry shampoo and/or leave-in conditioner are both excellent ways to help keep your hair looking healthy during the summer months, especially as your hair gets exposed to extra perspiration. Ask someone you trust for their personal tips, but don’t be afraid to take their suggestions to heart, a little bit of product use can go a long way to improving the health of your hair.

Hats Are Your Friend

Remember when your parents always insisted on you wearing a hat as a wee lad to help prevent overexposure to the sun? Well guess what, like so many things in retrospect, they were totally right. Not only do hats help combat facial sunburn, they also cover up the top of your head, one area that takes a particularly tough beating from the sun as you get older. As your hair starts to thin, which is happening to the majority of us, even if we don’t know it yet, your scalp will start burning with more frequency and that will lead to unpleasant peeling and some pretty gnarly looking hair. We’re not saying keep a hat on you at all times this summer, but if you’re spending an entire day outside, maybe have one with you to give your scalp and hair a mid-day reprieve when the sun is at its worst.

Don’t Forget Your Facial Hair

We would be remiss if we failed to mention your beloved beard in our advice to maintain hair health this summer. Your beard will be exposed to the elements much the same way the rest of your hair will and it’s important to keep it in mind. We suggest doing a little bit of beard maintenance (insert link to 3 minute beard grooming piece once published) each morning and using sunscreen as needed on your entire face. Although your beard will help block out some of the sun, the hair under your beard will still burn if overexposed to the rays throughout the day. As we love to say here at UB, a little bit everyday goes a very, very long way.


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