Tani Underwear

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As dudes, there are certain things in our wardrobe that we pay attention to, and there are other things we tend to overlook. You’ve got to get a pair of jeans that fit just right, a watch that is classic yet cool, sneakers or boots that complement your style. But how many of you give much thought to the brand of underwear you buy? If you’re like me, probably not much. I’m usually a six-pack of boxer-briefs by Hanes or Hugo Boss or Calvin Klein kind of guy because hey, underwear is underwear, and if they fit right and keep everything where it should be, it’s a win. Well fellas, I’m here today a bit of a changed man when it comes to my underwear and it’s all thanks to Tani.


Tani is a young company with a serious goal – to essentially change the way we guys view underwear, and give us the best product possible. How do they aim to achieve this? Let’s start with the fact that they are the first and only men’s underwear company to use advanced Micro Modal Air fibers. It’s finer than silk (if you can believe that) and is actually the thinnest and finest material available in the world. To make their underwear with this material, it actually requires that they use a cotton of which the quality is so incredibly high, only the top 3% produced worldwide meets their standards. That means your family jewels are being cradled by some of the finest most luxurious fabric on the planet.

Sprinkle in that their underwear include anti-odor, antibacterial, and moisture-wicking properties, along with the fact that they use sustainable sourced biodegradable fabrics and materials as often as possible, and you’ve got a company that is well on their way to setting the new standard for men’s undergarments.

Tani hooked me up with a pair of their SwissTouch Boxer Briefs, made from Swiss Cotton (milled exclusively in Switzerland, mind you) and produced in Switzerland on specialized fine-gauge sewing machines. How does that feel, you ask? Like riding a hot-tub made of clouds and silk down the Swiss Alps while Barry White serenades you. That’s how it feels.


Any guy who has worn standard cotton underwear knows that it’s not the softest of materials, and sometimes it can get a little uncomfortable, it can bunch and rub you the wrong way, and it can be annoying. Tani’s SwissTouch Boxer Briefs eliminate all of these underwear pitfalls. They’re so soft, you barely even know they’re there – I was shocked at how comfortable they actually were throughout the day. No bunching, no discomfort, and none of the friction you tend to get with most underwear made from standard cotton.

But for as much work as these guys put into the materials they use in their product, they also manage to absolutely nail the most important principle when it comes to the design – simplicity. I noticed right away that the overall design of the SwissTouch is streamlined and straightforward. No pouches or panels, no superfluous additions, just a sleek, classic design that is uncomplicated, but delivers on comfort. And I don’t know about you, but as a guy, that’s what I like in my life. I like the things I buy to be simple, classic, and uncomplicated but still deliver on a high level of quality. When I want a watch, I want one that is understated and sharp, but I know is going to last. When I want a pair of boots, I want something uncluttered and classic, but that I know I’ll get my mileage out of. And now I can say when I want a pair of underwear, I want something that is going to be simple and modern, but that is comfortable and luxurious.


So guys , it’s time to pay attention to your underwear and give your undercarriage the pampering it deserves. And for that, there’s Tani. Want to give them a shot and see why they’re so bad-ass? We’re hooking you up – Go to taniusa.com now and use the promo code URBAN25. You’ll score 25% off everything on their website (not including sale items.


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