Formulating Old Money - The Final Gold Blend

When we launched our first Gold Line product, Four Vices, we set out to build a product that represents the "play" in urban beardsmen. That product, was formulated with coffee, tobacco, hops, and cannabis - some of a beardsmen's best friends.

The next Gold Line product, Temple Smoke, represents the "spiritual" in urban beardsmen. We sourced ingredients used by shamans and priests for their ceremonies. The product has a mellow fragrance that helps clear your mind and direct it toward the right path.

And after three years of development, we have finally completed our Gold Collection with Old Money. Old Money, represents the "work" in urban beardsman.

But for me, it represents more than simply work. To a certain degree it pays homage to the titans of industry who helped build America and the world. Beardsmen like Andrew Carnegie (full beard), James J Hill (goatee), Cornelius Venderbilt (sideburns), and JP Morgan (mustache). These were men who knew the could change the way the world operated and set out to improve society.

When I was young, I would go to the Biltmore Estate, and remember fondly how grandiose the property was. When developing the blend for Old Money, I was thinking specifically of the library and the billiard room from that estate. The smells of leather, oak, and aged fabric.

For me, the fragrance brings me right back to my childhood as I walked through the Biltmore estate. It starts off sharp, with peppery notes, and finishes with amber and bourbon soaked oak notes.

But Old Money is more than just a tribute to those of yesteryear. It represents a shift in the perception of beardsmen. See, up to this point, if you describe someone as Old Money you think of a stodgy old white guy in a suit with a side-parted hair cut and a complete shave.

This fragrance line represents the juxtaposition of traditional stereotypes and what a man can be. It's about breaking down barriers and not conforming to the norm. It's about saying, "Fuck you," to the world and rocking the look you want, regardless of how successful you become.

I get that some of y'all are reading this article and rolling your eyes. It's true, the products that we develop are just that, products. But for me, as the creator, I see them as so much more. They are gateways and tools to change society; to shift perceptions and challenge the status quo.

If you simply want an awesome smelling product that performs marvelously, then Old Money knocks it out of the park. However, if you want more than that, our entire Gold Collection will offer a way to fill your soul. We've got it all: play, spiritual, and now work.

Eric Bandholz

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