Game of Thrones’ “Hodor” actor Kristian Nairn

Actor. DJ. Horror movie fan.

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“People of honesty and integrity inspire me. People who aren’t afraid to put their neck on the line, these are the people who inspire me as a DJ, Actor, and person, because it is all the same thing.”

April has arrived, finally, and we all know what starts in April. That means that it is time for Game of Thrones on HBO. But more importantly, our year of waiting has ended and we finally get him back, No, goofus, I do not mean little Jon Snow, You know who I am referring to. We are talking about it being Hodor time!

First off, I refuse to do it. I absolutely refuse to make that obvious joke of beginning this profile by saying “Hodor” multiple times just to get a few laughs. I refuse to do it because that would be a huge disservice to not only the reader, but to an amazingly, well-rounded artist. Also, he is six feet, ten inches tall and could leave me worse off than The Red Viper. Kristian Nairn is many things, but he is not an artist who can be placed into a specific box.

Although much of Kristian’s mainstream recognition is derived from his portrayal of the beloved Hodor on the cultural phenomenon known as Game Of Thrones, he has also established himself as a successful International DJ.

“I have been doing this for approaching twenty years now and I honestly can’t remember a time when I wasn’t DJ’ing.”

Having learned all of the techniques behind this art while attending university, Nairn received his first break while filling in for a sick DJ at the club where he was working.

“It was and is a great way to express myself, and particularly now that my own productions are starting to be released. There is nothing like getting lost in your own little world or trance when doing your thing.”

Kristian spent much of the past year touring the globe in his Rave Of Thrones tour, and performing as a stage actor since childhood, Kristian knew that it would be a natural progression for him to move to the screen at some point. Luckily, that first role turned out to be a bigger opportunity than most thespians could ever dream of landing.

“I never imagined that I would step straight into a show as big as Game Of Thrones. I had no idea how big it was going to be… I don’t think any of us did!”

Although the creators and producers of the show had no idea how successful the show would be, they did have an idea of which characters would be a hit with fans.

“When I was given the role, I was told that he was a much loved character in the books and that they suspected, despite limited dialogue, that he would be one of the cult heroes of the show.”

As an amateur film and TV critic (willing to go pro if anyone makes an offer), that limited dialogue which forces an actor to use their entire skill set is one of the things that makes any scene with Hodor a must watch.

“People who ask, either assume it is a super easy or super difficult role. The truth is, that it varies and it totally depends on the scene content. Some scenes require some pretty complex emotional portrayal and others, well, are more simple. It’s a fun role, although I wouldn’t chase another role similar to it.”

As for future roles Nairn may be interested in, the lifelong enjoyment of being scared has caused him to set his sights on the horror genre.

“I love the Nightmare on Elm Street movies. They were the first movies that actually made me afraid to go to sleep! I’ve been lucky enough to meet Robert England a few times now, and I can definitely still feel a little uneasiness around him!”

Although Freddy Krueger has had a lasting impact, that in-your- face style of horror isn’t necessarily his favorite.

“The original American Werewolf in London movie, mostly for the scene on the moor, where you don’t actually SEE anything, but you imagine it. To me that is the best type of horror… which leads me on to The Blair Witch Project. Man, I know that movie got some harsh reviews and the sequels were diabolically shit, but the scenes in the forest during the first one… magical!”

With all of the attention placed on his acting and music, the human side of Kristian can sometimes get overlooked.

“My sexuality is a very small part of who I am on the whole, but nonetheless, it is important to stand up and be counted. When you talk about the Gay community, you are talking about MY community. I am aware of it yeah, and I think it is really lovely. Again, it is a privilege and I really mean that.”

While it hasn’t always been easy for people to stand up and show pride in who they are, we agreed that society is taking steps to change for the better.

“I was and am very lucky to have had the support of most of my family and friends when I was coming out. Not that it was all an easy ride, but when I hear some of the things that others get put through, it honestly breaks my heart. We as a society have made some great and profound advances of late, not least of all the advance of Gay marriage, or just Marriage as I like to call it.”

In regards to where he envisions himself in twenty-five years, Nairn answers, “There is no way I am calling that! I couldn’t have told you where I would be five years ago, never mind twenty-five years from now. And that is the way I like it, thank you!”

Make sure to keep up with our favorite giant and International DJ, Kristian Nairn, on Twitter, Instagram or his personal website.


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