Get Your Closet Ready For Spring

Spring is here so it’s time to pile all your woolly sweaters and down coats into sealed boxes and stash them away until temperatures drop again next year. That being said, don’t get too upset because that means all your spring clothes get to come out of storage allowing your wardrobe to take a deep breath of fresh air.

Crank The Tunes

The first step in beginning this oftentimes somewhat tedious process of transitioning your wardrobe is to turn some music on. I always opt for music rather than TV because with TV I get distracted and end up watching 45 minutes of a vacuum infomercial. Yes, stick to music. I always end up on some sort of combination of Van Morrison and Fleetwood Mac but you go with what will keep you motivated and positive.

Pile It On

Next, pull all your winter clothes out of your closet and sort them into piles. Sort into items that need to be washed, dry cleaned and those that are good to go and ready for storage. Now pull your spring wardrobe out of storage and do the same thing. I like to wash most of my items I pull out of storage because I store mine outside and in my OCD mind they are dusty. Go with a good detergent like FREY which is specifically designed to launder the stains and odors that men’s clothing has to deal with. Besides, it has a more masculine scent which is refreshing. Proceed to launder and dry clean all your piles of clothes until you are finished.

Bin There, Done That

I use large clear plastic storage bins. I go clear so I can see what’s inside should the weather take a nasty turn and I need a chunky sweater during the spring or visa versa. Keep in mind that if you go with clear containers you will want to store your clothes out of sunlight so they don’t fade. Neatly fold items flat with as few wrinkles as possible. Don’t overfill your bins, it’ll only make your items more wrinkled.

Get The Bugs Out

Drop a few cedar balls into your bin to deter bugs, but make sure they don’t physically touch any of your items as they can sometimes stain. You can also use sachets of lavender to deter critters as well. When it comes to tailored and bulkier items like suits and wool coats, it’s best to keep them hanging in a closet out of the way somewhere so they don’t get damaged by being folded in storage for months.

Spring Cleaning

Once your winter clothes are all packed up and put away make sure you clean and properly fold and hang all of your warm weather wardrobe so you are ready to go no matter what the spring and summer throw at you.


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