Yellow108 Fedoras

Every beardsman needs a go-to hat, and spring is the perfect time to refresh your headwear in preparation for those summer trips to the beach or cabin. Hats and beards simply go together. We know you’ve got a sweet beard, let Yellow108 take care of the hat.

Named for the color code for bright sunny yellow, Yellow108 was founded in 2010 by friends Lauren Lilly and Jody Rollins in Long Beach, California. Their mission? To make high quality items made from salvaged and recycled materials. Their tagline is “Salvaged = Saved.”

Yellow108 is definition of sustainable. They make limited edition items with minimal waste. They don’t use dyes which reduces water consumption. All of their manufacturing is localized to minimize shipping and pollution. In all, they have saved 20 tons of material from landfills.


Besides being great influences on the environment, their unisex hats are stylish as well. My favorites are the fedoras. The Dylan Fedora ($108) is their hardest Merino Wool felt to date, which gives it a nice crunch that will break in with time. It has a wide raw edge stiff brim, tear drop crown, and salvaged leather trim. It’s available in five colors (dark brown, black, navy, grey, grey with wildwood flower).



The Luke Fedora ($90) is pretty slick as well. This one is “A best friend for travelers far and wide. It takes heed from 20s, 30s and 40s style when your hat went with you everywhere.” It comes with a salvaged leather tie. Like the Dylan, it’s 100% Merino Wool. The Luke comes in colors with names like bone, putty, port, carmel, black, forest, navy, grey, and camel.

Not into fedoras? Yellow108 has a wide range that includes Camp Hats ($36) made of waxed canvas and round-top hats they call Harvest ($90). Check out their 5-Panel Caps ($40) as well. I dig the denim Ball Cap ($30), and tweed Driver Cap ($35) too. If you’re feeling adventurous give the Anchor Cap ($38) a try and finally look like the sea captain you’ve always wanted to be.


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