Getting the Most Bang for Your Buck with a Scruffy Beard

—Josh Lawson

George Bruno, also known as the Sultan of Silver, is here to help you feel comfortable rocking a three-day (or stubble) beard. These are gonna be some helpful tips for those of you who's job prevents them from growing the wizard beard of their dreams. Most job opportunities allow the stubble look or the three-day beard. In his position, a barber, he works on creating three-day hair. Your hair looks great a few days after it gets cut. Most times, unless they are in a tuxedo, the people you see on TV and in magazines have three-day hair, and that three-day beard.

When you're taking down a big beard or growing one out, remember different lengths. Something he has seen around the world is making everything the same length then lining it up. George does a 1.5 from the end of his mustache up the top of his ears. The mustache itself is a 2. Chin area a 3, and soul patch a 1. He's gonna show you some tips about how to rock the best scruffy beard you can.

To do a line, you can take a piece of cardboard and put shoe polish on it. The best place for a line underneath is 1 or 2 fingers above the Adam's Apple. He's trimmed over 10,000 beards professionally, so he instinctively knows what looks best for a beard. Longer necks need about two fingers, but shorter necks will only need 1. Then you take the cardboard to line and just rotate it on a swivel to give you the straightest line possible.

Once that is done, you'll want to stretch the skin up and use a straight razor to clean up the small hairs. You'll want to stroke down with even pressure so you don't cut yourself. Personally, he doesn't really trim up the cheek line, but he prefers the natural look. But hey, do what you want that makes you comfortable. To trim your mustache, start in the middle of your lip and follow it to the corner of your mouth. That'll give you neat lines on the ends, and give to a natural taper on your cheeks.

You don't have to create a perfect line all the way around your face. It's ok to use the natural shape your hair makes on it own. For George, his mustache grows into his nose. To combat that, he lifts his nose up and takes out the stray hairs with a straight razor.

Even though this beard is small, you're still gonna want to use some beard products. Beard oil, wash, softener, it'll all help soften your scruff and make it less itchy. You don't really need a styling or utility balm as the length is too small to control the length. Styling balm can be perfect for your hair though.

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