Goorin Bros. Hats

Hats have been the mark of a modern stylish man in almost every era. Whether it’s a flatcap like the Peaky Blinders, a bowler like the Wright Brothers, or a fedora like Frank Sinatra, the right hat exudes confidence and class.

Cassel Goorin was an artist and craftsman who founded the company in 1895. He sold his custom hats from a horse-drawn cart on the streets of Pittsburgh. On each hat you will find a small castle logo, representative of community, strength and beauty. It’s also a clever play on his name. His sons Alfred and Ted took over in 1921 and renamed it Goorin Brothers.

Goorin Brothers now has 36 store locations in the snappiest neighborhoods in 16 states. Stylish spots like the French Quarter in New Orleans, Georgetown in Washington DC, South Congress in Austin, and Rittenhouse Square in Philly. California boasts the most with 11 shops and Brooklyn is so darn hip they need two of them.

I walked into the Charleston, South Carolina store on King Street this summer and fell in love with the entire brand. The store was smartly appointed with a vintage vibe. I couldn’t decide if I was stepping back in time or right on the cutting edge of new hotness. Staff was attentive and laid back at the same time. Through an open door toward the rear of the store there was a workshop that made me wonder if they were custom building each cap on the premises. They weren’t just selling hats, they were selling an experience. And I was all in.

Like buying a piece of history, Goorin has fedoras, flatcaps, cadets, baseball, beanies, bowlers, and top hats. Classic materials of American felt, heritage wool, premium cloth, classic straw, allow you to choose the perfect combination for you to create your own iconic look. Each are available in multiple sizes and colors for men, women and kids with prices that won’t break the bank.

Even the names of the hats have a certain panache and sophistication. Pictured here are the Good Boy in grey, Wise Guy in brown, Guido Delgado in moss, Weizen in natural, and the Heisenberg in black. Yep, it was named for Walter White’s signature hat. Just don’t ask them for the Pharell Williams, they don’t carry that one.


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