Grooming Young Beards - Father and Son

—Wil Mouradian

Greg Berzinksy is back with his son, Victor, for a father - son grooming session. Victor was participating in No Shave November, and while he ended up with some great Wolverine sideburns, he wasn't excited with the overall look. Greg is gonna help him out!

Beardbrand Growth Advice

If your beard wasn't as thick in November as you thought it was going to be, that's okay! You should still feel encouraged to embrace your look and whatever makes you feel more comfortable.

Like Father Like Son

Greg has been going to the barbershop with his son for over fifteen years, so this is a pretty special moment.

He uses his comb to draw a small line in the facial hair where he wants to shape the sideburn, then gets to grooming. He sharpens the edge of the sideburn along the cheek with unguarded clippers, then uses the clippers to cut the rest of Victor's facial hair off. Victor isn't thrilled with the sideburns at first, but he's going along with it for fun (he's such a good sport). 

Greg created a sharp, measured line for the sideburn because no face is symmetrical (remember - no face is symmetrical - part of growing facial hair is accepting your body!). He's using the measurements and angles from the first half of the trim to guide him while finishing the other half of the face. This practice allows you to get more symmetrical than you would with a less precise method.

Early Beard Growth

Sometimes your beard isn't going to grow in fully at a young age, and no amount of waiting period will help. That's okay! Embrace the look that makes you feel most comfortable and work with what you have. What do you do for your beard? Why?

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