Has Your Beard Stopped Growing??

Parker Mallouf

Has you beard stopped growing? Here is the reason why! Eric is here to fill us in on the mysterious "terminal beard." Is there a specific length that your beard stops growing? Not exactly. Your beard doesn't actually ever stop growing. Everyone has a terminal length, but everyones is different.

Think of your arm or leg hair. If you were to shave it off, it would grow back, but after a certain length it stops. This is when you have hit terminal length. On a beard, different parts of your face hit terminal length at different stages of growth. For example, your sideburns typically hit terminal length faster that the area around and below your chin. This is the reason why beards tend to have an oval shape when left untouched. Your mustache will also hit terminal length before your beard. This is especially true for the middle section of the stache.


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