Growing A Beard: The First Month

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Growing A Beard: The First Month

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran beardsman or letting your facial hair grow out for the first time, the first month of growing your beard out can be a trying experience for anyone. Depending on the day or the week, your beard can look exactly like you want it to one minute and then do the exact opposite the next. Although we don’t have solutions for each of these scenarios, there are a few tips for handling the expected stages of beard growth during the first month.

According to friend of Urban Beardsman Jeff Buoncristiano, the first month of growing your beard is by far the worst and there’s a good chance it’ll spend more time looking like shit during that time period than as you intend it to. For Jeff, he was already rocking a mega-mustache before heading back onto the beard train and it took him just under two weeks to get the right length of hair on the rest of his face to match his mustache. However, after that he hit one of the tougher stretches for most beardsman, the latter half of the first month.

During weeks two to four, your beard is barely long enough to pinch and it doesn’t provide the definition or skin coverage that you’re so eagerly awaiting. However, by using a brush and a touch of beard oil from time to time, you can help further your beard along until you get to easy street right at the end of the month. After three weeks or so of that less pleasant stage, you get to the good stuff and suddenly, your beard starts to really look like just that, a beard.

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