How To Fold a Suit For Travel

Traveling is always fun, but what isn’t fun is pulling wrinkled clothes out of your suitcase when you reach your destination. Wrinkled underwear or t-shirts aren’t that big of a deal, but what happens if you need to take formal wear and don’t want to deal with wrinkling? Carlos has you covered, amigo.

Grab yourself a hefty plastic hanger with a rubber grip to hold your trousers in place. Now put your ironed and pressed dress shirt onto the hanger and button the first couple buttons. Next put the vest onto the hanger, button it up, then layer over the jacket. Easy so far, right?

Now get your suit bag – hang the suit and make sure everything is neat and organized. Push out the excess air, and zip it up. Fold it in half and again press out the excess air. But you’re not done yet.

It won’t fit in your bag just yet. Give it one more fold and squeeze out the air. Pack it into your travel bag tightly, and Carlos says if you’re using a suitcase make sure the suit is packed on the very top, and if using a holdall, pack it on the very bottom.


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