P&Co Death Before Decaf Enamel Mug

There are some things that we buy, use, and love because of their practicality and style, and there are other things that we have in our lives because of sentimentality. What a great moment it is when they both come together in one product.

“This mug reminds me of when I was little and would have coffee with my grandmother,” says Carlos Costa of the P&Co enamel mug, part of his new curated collection for Urban Beardsman.

“But then it has the cool twist of today’s modern style of artwork as well.”


The bad-ass black and white piece of drink-ware made in the UK is guaranteed to make your hot coffee just a little bit cooler. Featuring a black and white skull graphic and the motto “Death Before Decaf”, this dishwasher-safe mug can even be brandished over an open fire.

Talk about awesome.

“I’m a coffee lover and I really love the brand,” says Costa.

“I love the saying on the mug [Death Before Decaf] and P&Co has a great story behind how they built the brand – they’re great guys and they have great products.”

Enamel cook and drink-ware comes with a slew of benefits – it doesn’t interact with your food or drink the way other materials can, it’s extremely durable and can take a beating (did we mention you can brandish it over an open fire?), and is known for superior heat retention which means your favorite cup of Joe isn’t going to get chilly anytime soon in this mug.

To get your P&Co Death Before Decaf enamel mug, and to see more from Carlos, visit the store now!


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