Journal 3-Pack and Pen Kit

The motto of Field Notes is “Don’t write it down to remember it later, write it down to remember it now.”

Every guy needs a place to jot down his ideas and the perfect writing tool to help make it happen. Our journal three-pack and pen kit features a Field Notes 3-Pack containing three compact and durable 48-page notebooks; one graph, one ruled, one plain, as well as the Son of a Sailor hexagonal brass pen.

“I loved how angular and minimalist that Son of a Sailor pen was, it just wasn’t like any other pen I’d seen,” says collection curator Eric Bandholz.

“And everyone’s got to have some Field Notes notebooks.”

Bandholz is particularly fond of Field Notes brand – not only because of the quality of their products, but because of the story behind the brand as well.

Field Notes co-founder Aaron Draplin explains the history behind the company in a new film featured on entitled “From Seed.”

“This is the landscape of what the pocket material looked like for the American farmer. The color and the type and the general spirit, that was the start of us building Field Notes,” Draplin explains.

“This whole things starts in about 1993 when I left to go west and was junking, hitting estate sales and flea markets, I would find these things and use them to draw in. They were meant to promote their new brand, or seeds, or technology – and as these guys are out there figuring out how these machines plant down this row of corn, there [in the notebook] is all the data. They’re meant to save a guy’s life out there in the prairie. There’s just something really cool and really American about that.”

It’s a story that struck a chord with Bandholz, and seeing Draplin in person only further drew him to the brand.

“I saw Aaron speak in Spokane, Washington and that was when I was introduced to the brand,” he explains.

“He’s a passionate beardsman and a really funny guy, so I really connected with their brand.”


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