How to Make Your Beard Soft as Hell

To grow a beard is to take a journey, and as with any journey there are going to be obstacles along the way. Most men will find that as their manes start to grow and gain some bulk and length, the hair is surprisingly coarse and can sometimes even end up causing itching - facts that they seek to address and eradicate, but oftentimes don't know how. Fear not, wayward beardsmen, because today we are going to talk about the best ways to keep your beard soft, shiny, and healthy.

Beard Oil

Most beardsmen have heard of beard oil and know that it's a commonly used product for beard care, but its exact use and benefits often go overlooked. To put it simply, beard oil is your first - and biggest, most important - line of defense from itching, and coarse, dry beard hair.

Formulated to act as a leave-in conditioner, beard oil is designed to keep your beard hydrated, soft to the touch, shiny, and healthy. But there is a caveat - some oils will be heavy and greasy, and this can lead to the opposite problem as the one you are trying to fix. Instead of a dry and coarse beard, you'll end up with a heavy, greasy beard. Beard oils like Beardbrand's are designed to be lightweight and non-greasy, and with a variety of scents available, your beard is guaranteed to be soft, light, and smelling fantastic.

Check out our newest scent Old Money - With notes of oak, bourbon, black pepper, and amber, this is a rich and complex scent that evolves as its worn throughout the day, and is our strongest scent blend.

Beard Wash and Softener

Beard oil isn't the only product built to battle the bristle. While shampoos and conditioners are made to keep things clean and soft, they aren't designed for the coarser and denser hair of your beard.

Cue beard wash and softener. Specifically designed for your beard, a good wash and softener will go a long way in keeping things clean and soft to the touch.

Our recommendation? Give the beard a break. Wash and soften it every two to three days, and leave some time between washes. Reason being, your body naturally produces hydrating oils and sebum. Too much washing can actually strip them away and leave you drier than you were before. By giving your body a chance to work its natural magic, and supplementing that with a good wash and softener, you're striking the perfect balance and keeping your beard extremely healthy and happy.

We suggest grabbing some Blank Slate, our fragrance-free option, so it won't clash with the rich scent of Old Money. So gentlemen, now you know that on this wonderful beard journey, you've got to make time to keep it soft.

Get your beard oil, and beard wash and softener now - your beard will thank you. Grow forth, and beard on.


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