How to Get a Balbo Beard and Maintain Your Current Look

—Josh Lawson

Gavin came into Gentleman and Rogues Club today to get a little trim on his beard and try something new from Craig. He starts by sectioning out the top of the hair. He wants sorta the same hairstyle, but shorter on top and shorter on the bottom. he starts by cutting at an angle downward to recreate an executive contour. This helps keep the weight at the front and emphasizes the length. Gavin's hair is quite fine, so he goes in up top and takes some the of the edges off, and tries to keep the weight at the ends of the hair. He combs it back and mentions that's how it will stay when the cut is done. He's also looking for the crown.

Craig generally starts out around the back cause there is more surface area, and so he can judge how high he wants to go with his clippers and connect the sides together as well. He starts at the bottom and flicks out at the top so it'll make it easier to blend later, following the edge of the head. You generally always follow the same shape in these kinds of haircuts, start higher around the ear, then dip down around the back of the head. After this, he checks the mirror to make sure the sides are equal, then moves on to create a baseline with a 0. Once that is finished, he moves on to a 1 guard above the previous line. Gavin wants his beard tapered, so he creates another line above the ear to leave room for him to complete that.

Now, with a 1.5 guard, he goes around the lines he made and blends them together by flicking it out as he goes. Then with a no guard and an open clipper, he holds it at an angle out so he can taper the fade. On to the comb and clippers, he takes out a lot of the weight in the back then finishes up the sides. Lastly, he tidies the sides up with scissors and a comb to get rid of any pieces he may have missed earlier. He takes the scissors again to connect the hair lengths together, and thins/blends all the way around before moving on to the beard.

He takes the trimmers and takes a little bit of the front off to make it part of the natural part of the cut. He free hands with the trimmers to take out any fly away hairs as he follows the shape of Gavin's head. Then he goes in and creates a small triangle cut in the middle of the mustache to create more of a part, and takes a little bit of weight off the top of it.

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