How to Get the Most Out of Your T-Shirts

There is no denying that t-shirts are a style staple in every man’s wardrobe. I spend a lot of time in t-shirts, especially in the warmer months, mainly because they’re just so darn comfortable. In order to make the most of your t-shirt collection and justify spending even more time in them you’ve got to come up with new stylish ways to wear them. Here are some things to think about.


First off, t-shirts come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. If you’re a guy who spends a lot of time in t-shirts, invest in the right ones. Choose colors that you not only like to wear but that look good on you. Choose quality tees that are made to last. J.Crew’s t-shirts are handcrafted and hand dyed in Los Angeles and will last you for years. Make sure that your t-shirt is long enough and doesn’t become a crop top when you reach for that bowl of the top shelf in the kitchen. Also ensure that the sleeves are tailored, but not tight around your biceps—everyone wants to look like they spend all their time in the gym but as we’ll talk about later, blood flow is important. As for style, don’t be the guy that only wears one style, say a v-neck. Diversify. Invest in v-necks, crewnecks, henleys, prints, etc. Pick up an indigo wash tee, or a shirt with contrasting sleeves. Don’t just have solid, v-neck t-shirts. While t-shirts should be a simple style choice, they also have the opportunity to be interesting.


When it comes to styling a t-shirt, the customary “do nothing” philosophy is always effective. However, every once in a while try something different. Try tucking the front into your shorts/pants—it will give you that just walked off a photo shoot feel. Or try cuffing or rolling your sleeves. Fun fact about this stylish technique; for guys that are on the leaner, less muscular side, cuffing or rolling your sleeve can sometimes give the illusion of larger biceps because the cuff can hit at a wider part of your arm. Believe me. It’s a lazy man’s way to bigger biceps. For the truly OCD among us (my hand’s raised right now), if you are concerned about your perfectly imperfect sleeve roll coming undone throughout the day here’s a nifty styling trick. Take a rubber band and put it at the outer edge of your sleeve. Roll your sleeve up around the rubber band ensuring that a piece slips underneath it so that it stays in place. This will give you the casually rolled sleeve look with little to no worry about having to re-roll it. Just make sure the rubber band you use isn’t too tight; rolled sleeves are important, blood circulation is even more important.


Lastly, t-shirts are the perfect base to any stylish look. Take a t-shirt to the next level by adding additional layers. Throw a chambray or utility shirt over your favorite t-shirt and you’ve got a look that looks super intentional but still effortless and comfortable. Opt for a cardigan instead and you’ve got a classic, preppy way to spend your day. Take layering a step further and add a denim or bomber jacket to any t-shirt and it will instantly elevate a basic tee for a night out. Accessorize with a classic hat, like anything from Goorin Brothers, and maybe even some jewelry (you can never go wrong with Miansai).


Keeping some of these things in mind you could spend all of your time in t-shirts and still be the most stylish man in any room.


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