How to Pull Off the Three-Piece Suit

Someone wise once said that a suit can make you look stylish but a three-piece suit makes you look downright dashing. That wise person was me and whether or not you agree with the part about me being wise, you can’t argue with the fact that a three-piece suit has the ability to make any man look damn amazing. And now that fall is here it’s the perfect time to rock a three-piece and look like the man you were meant to be.

The three-piece suit is characterized by its addition of a fitted vest or waistcoat that coordinates (or not, who cares about rules?) with the jacket and trousers. Now credit should be given where credit is due. The three-piece suit was born in London during the Industrial Revolution where the sudden boom in business and industry led to the prevalence of businessmen. That caliber of man wanted a suit that spoke to their productive, and oftentimes lucrative character which could be why after all these years the three-piece suit still recalls that refined quality. A man in a three-piece suit is debonair to say the least.

And since it is fall and that means cooler weather, it’s easier to become a dashing man without burning up. These cooler months are a great time to consider mixing the three-piece into your suit game. The suit is incredibly versatile, you can wear it to almost any sort of occasion. Whether you’re headed to a humdrum day at the office or off to enjoy a weekend wedding the three-piece suit is a great go-to to earn some extra style points.

NOTE: a three-piece suit can be worn whenever, it’s just a great time of year to sneak in an added layer without worrying about having to be rushed to the ER from heatstroke. So layer up gentleman and add this piece of suiting history to your style lexicon.


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