Wesley Berg

Who I Am.

Wesley Berg. I am an artist, musician, trail runner and environmentalist.

What I Do.

I make drawings of bears, wolves, foxes, maps, and all things environmental. I also record music as Glacier Face, a project inspired by an artist residency in Iceland. Most days I run a lot of beautiful trails in Ohio and teach drawing at the University of Dayton.

Where I Live.

Dayton, Ohio. It’s wild, because I was born here too. A few years ago, I found my way back to Ohio after living in lots of places like Gainesville, NYC, Santa Fe, Finland, Iceland, Atlanta and Detroit.

Why I Beard.

I simply feel more like myself with a beard. For years I always had a two-month beard or so. I’d shave and then immediately start growing again for a few months. Now I’m realizing the pleasure of a full beard commitment. Somehow my beard feels linked to my experiences in nature and to all the things I make. I think my beard is here to stay; I just feel good with it.


To connect with Wesley and see his work, visit wesleyberg.com.


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