How to Rock a Patchy Beard

—Zach Caruso
How to Rock a Patchy Beard

For some guys, the day they decide to let their beards grow, they are met with the beginnings of a full, dense mane of hair on their faces. And for others, they find the process to be slightly less encouraging. Sparse and wiry hairs, and hairless patches can thrust doubt into the mind of a beardsman, but we're here to tell you that just because you're sporting a patchy beard doesn't mean there aren't things you can do to make it look fuller, denser, and more badass.

First of all, give it some time. Some guys will spend a month skipping the razor and letting their beard grow only to find that it looks sparse and thin, which leads to them losing hope and shaving it off. But the truth is that time may be the best remedy. If you can stick it out through the four to five month mark, a lot of times you're going to notice that your beard starts to look fuller and more dense. You can even use the longer hairs to cover up the sparser areas by combing and styling it into place.

Gentlemen, keep in mind that beard hairs - like head hairs - grow at different paces and speeds, and so if you don't give yourself sufficient time to let things grow and fill in as they may, you might be jumping ship prematurely. Once you get some length, you'll want to give your beard a nice shape-up and trim, preferably with a good pair of scissors. This will even everything out, give your beard an even and clean shape, and give the appearance of a much fuller and thicker beard.

Try to remind yourself that you are always your own worst critic. We spend a fair amount of time looking in the mirror - whether we are styling our hair or beard, checking our faces, trimming our facial hair, or just giving our fine selves a once-over. But not everyone else is spending that much time examining you in detail. The things we tend to notice, fixate on, and obsess over are typically things that no one else even picks up on. So enjoy the beard growing journey and stop obsessing already.

Alright, so what happens if you give it a few months and it still looks patchy? Well you could shave it off, but it's not your only option.

Cutting it shorter will actually do a few things for you. First, it gives the illusion of slightly fuller and more dense coverage. Second, it still achieves the primary goal of facial hair - to frame your face and give it some definition. Patchy beard idols like Johnny Depp, James Franco, and even Keanu Reeves are all great inspirations for those guys with patchy beards who still want to rock facial hair.

But what about the itch? Most guys who have gone a week without shaving will probably tell you that the shorter stages of beard growth can be quite itchy. This is because the hairs are long enough to actually be weighed down and fall inward on themselves, but still too short to lay clear away from your face. These mid-length hairs will fold and poke the skin and can sometimes lead to itching. So how does one combat this? That's an easy fix - beard oil.

Built to hydrate and condition your beard, beard oil will actually soften the hairs enough that the coarse prickly sensation will be alleviated and the hair will end up smooth and far less irritating.

If you want to take it up a notch, try beard wash and softener. Specially designed for the coarser hairs of a beard, these products - when used in conjunction - will super-charge the softening and conditioning of your beard hair, leaving it clean, fresh, and soft to the touch.

So there you have it, guys. Patchy beard or not, you can still rock facial hair like a boss and look damn good in the process. Now get to growing, and beard on!

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