Keep on Growing

—Wil Mouradian
Keep on Growing

Celebration by Beardbrand (CxBB) is just around the corner - it's our annual party to celebrate our ambassadors, customers, fans, and team. All parties are totally essential in their contributions to make our company thrive, and we’re thankful for each and every one.

So what exactly are we celebrating? Revenue? Our newest products? A bigger team? Our booming subscriber count? Our devoted fans on Instagram and Youtube? Well yeah - we’re celebrating all of those things, but ultimately, we’re celebrating one thing that encompasses all of us. We’re celebrating growth.

Squinty Growth

Keep on Growing!

We say that all the time at Beardbrand - in our Youtube videos in our newsletter, on Facebook, and in the office. Yes - we obviously want you to grow your beard out, or your hair, or your mustache - as long as you feel awesome, we want you to grow it out. We’ve built an entire business around it, after all.

That’s not what we mean, though. We can give you beard grooming tips and help you with patchy beards ‘round the clock, but we really want our community to grow as people, too. We want you to be the best version of yourself that you can be - however that manifests. If that involves an epic beard that requires tons of beard oil and maintenance - great. If that involves a pencil mustache and a stamp collection - rock on. If being a better person involves losing twenty pounds and spending more time with your parents, then we want you to pursue that. Pursue betterness. Keep on growing.

Josh Growth

Be Yourself. Better Yourself.

Our brand was founded on the principle that people should be able to be themselves and better themselves at the same time. A lot of us at Beardbrand were attracted to working here for that same reason, including myself, Wil, the Copywriter. Everyone who works here is the most authentic version of themselves both at work and at home, and our founders wouldn’t have it any other way. All of us also share an insatiable hunger to better ourselves and our careers. In fact, being able to attest to and demonstrate that hunger is parts of the interview process for working here.

Are you growing? What are you doing to improve yourself?  Maybe your version of growing is simple - waking up fifteen minutes earlier so you’re never late for work is a good example. Your version of growth might be a bit more complicated, like passing a certification exam or learning a new skill.

We appreciate all of you - for holding us accountable, for inspiring us to do better by you and better by ourselves, and for your continued loyalty to what we've built. You’re the reason we want to do better. To grow.

Growth Laugh


So that’s what we’re celebrating at CxBB. Growth. We’re celebrating a community of ambition we’ve fostered, and we’re celebrating a team that holds each other accountable to the same ambition.

We can’t wait to meet all of you at this year’s party, and to introduce all the new team members who are dedicated to fostering confidence and growth.

Have a drink, listen to some great music, and share a laugh with us. Let’s keep on growing.

Keep On Dancing


PARTY DETAILS (March 14th)


DATE: Wednesday, March 14th, 2018

TIME: 6 PM - 11 PM

PLACE: The Rattle Inn - 610 Nueces Street, Austin, TX 78701

  • Wells and Domestics on Beardbrand's Tab (while it lasts)
  • Live music during Austin's most exciting time of year
  • Meet your favorite Beardbranders - Raise your glass with "Your Boy" Eric, Carlos, Greg, Mahesh, Jack, and the Beardbrand staff!
  • Badass Beardbrand Bags for the first 30 partygoers

CxBB ALL ACCESS PASS (March 13th - March 14th)

For the first time ever, CxBB is going to be a two day event. Day 2, March 14th, is the awesome party we're having for everyone in our community. 

Day 1, March 13th is an exclusive VIP treat with only a few tickets available.

Day 1 seats will include...

  • Catered Lunch
  • A haircut and trim from Mahesh himself
  • On-camera time for our Youtube Channel and social media pages
  • A style consultation from one of our local experts
  • Much, much more - CLICK HERE

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Keep on Growing!

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