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Ken Gilbert

Who I Am

Ken Gilbert, Theater Artist and Somatic Educator. I am a visual kinesthetic individual who learns through experience. I love living in my body|mind connection – the somatic and cognitive. In 1986, I was unsettled with who was as a husband and father; wanting to find the personal parts of myself I began rebirthing which evolved into Reichian Therapy and eventually Hakomi Therapy. Through body-centered living in body|mind|spirit I shed my previous life and continue to seek self-mastery of who I am in the world as an artist.

What I Do

I am a theater artist, co-artistic director of DramaDogs, a theater company, and owner of Ken Gilbert|EmBODYment. I work as a theater producer, director, and actor. I am a Nia teacher and trainer, teaching facilitating and training Nia classes, workshops, retreats and Nia belt training. I teach “Integrating Pilates” (based in the Ron Fletcher evolution of the work of Joseph Pilates) in classes and private/semi-private sessions. My work as an artist and teacher is about awakening myself and everybody to their personal sense of body awareness, mindfulness, and expressiveness; learning how to live the truth of who they are in the world.

Where I Live

Santa Barbara, California (90 minutes north of Los Angeles).

Why I Beard

I grow a beard to find and develop the parts of me that are the MALE Masculine! I grew a beard in 2013 to play the part of Monet in DramaDogs’ production of Defying Gravity. I had fun with the sense of a beard, associated with a character. I liked the sensation of a beard beyond playing the role and decided that not shaving was the easy choice.

This was launching into a life search for the meaning of “what is it to be male, to be a man, to be masculine.” Bearding is the one thing that is exclusive to men and their masculinity. I am fascinated by my choice to join the “brother of the beard”; to live life unshaven and to choose to live with my beard every day.

Connect with Ken on Instagram: @kengilbertembodyment


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