Key Chains for the Urban Beardsman

As guys, we tend to simplify whenever possible. Whether it’s a minimalist approach to our interior design or choosing to go with a solid shirt and our favorite pair of jeans, we like to keep it simple, stylish, and easy. That being said, there are certain things we can’t go without, and our keys are one of those things. But what do you do with such an annoyingly bulky item when you only have so many pockets to spare? Carlos Costa and Jeff Buoncristiano have been there, and to help you out, they’ve added a killer accessory to their curated collections to help solve issue of the clunky keys.

The Noah Marion Quick Release Carry


“I used to work in manual labor and construction, and when you have a lot of stuff in your pockets, this kind of thing comes in handy,” says Buoncristiano.

“Back then let’s say I was carrying something heavy like a TV and it slipped and I lost my grip a bit – I wouldn’t want that sliding down onto my front pocket and jamming my keys into my thigh. So the quick release carry is a great way to avoid that kind of hassle when you don’t have the extra pocket space.”

The Noah Marion quick release carry features a black leather loop that can be attached to your belt to give your keys a stylish spot to be stored, and the solid brass clip features a quick release option for when you need to pop the keys in the ignition.

The KikaNY Loop Key Chain


“It’s different and I like the way this brand was created,” says Costa of the KikaNY loop key chain.

“They use old techniques to create their products, but with a modern twist.”

The simple fact is – you can’t lose your keys if you’re wearing them. This loop key chain from KikaNY features a solid brass snap hook, and can be looped around belt loops, bag handles, and anything else your heart desires. Just wrap it around, secure the 7.5″ key chain, and clip your keys to ensure you never have to search for them again.

Get your Noah Marion and KikaNY key chains,!


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