The Perry Bag

If you’re going on a quick trip, why waste space and effort with a full-sized suitcase? Instead, pack light and look good while you do it. With Rubber Killer’s Perry bag, you can rest assured that you’ve got just the right amount of space, and just the right amount of style.

The Perry is a rubber and canvas tote bag with a nylon shoulder strap that features a rubber base made from reclaimed inner tubes. That means it’s tougher than your favorite pair of boots, and it’s water resistant.

“It looks amazing and I can use it with almost every type of clothing I pack,” says collection curator Carlos Costa.

“The bottom is made from recycled inner-tubes, I love the color, and when I do day-traveling and need something to carry little stuff with me, it’s perfect. It gives a little extra edge to my style – I use it more than I do a backpack nowadays.”

Rubber Killer’s mission with their products is simple – take a super durable material that refuses to break down in a landfill, and re-purpose it to make bad-ass bags. The large amounts of rubber tires and inner tubes that are dumped into landfills and trash heaps on a yearly basis is staggering, and because they’re built to be so tough and long-lasting, it means they aren’t going the way of green biodegradable materials, and it’s nearly impossible to recycle them. Rubber Killer to the rescue – because each bag comes from salvaged material, every one is slightly different, meaning you get a totally one of a kind bag that is as unique as you are.

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