Kiss My ‘Stache

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Gentlemen, we love our beards. There’s no denying it. We trim them, shape them, buy beard washes, softeners, oils, and balms for them. We obsess over their look, we debate the best type of mustache to grow to compliment them, and we can’t keep our hands off them. But when is the last time you thought about what it’s like for your significant other to smash lips with that epic beard?

Buzzfeed recently shed some light on this very topic by inviting two couples to switch places, so to speak. The typically bearded dudes were asked to shave (gasp!) while their girlfriends were fitted with some professional-grade artificial beards. Then they were asked to kiss so that the guys could see what it’s like to smooch a ‘stache.

“Where are your lips?” asks one guy as he goes in for the kiss.

“It’s really hard to find the lips with the mustache in the way.”

Another laments, “I got hair in my mouth, that’s interesting. Do you get hair in your mouth? That must suck,” he tells his bearded lady.

The results seem pretty clear-cut: the ladies love their men’s beards, they just wanted them to know the occasional struggle of locking lips with one. The takeaway? Keep those fuzzy faces groomed, cleaned, and soft to give that special someone in your life the best possible intimate beard experience!

Check out Buzzfeed’s video in full here.

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