Look Out Movember – Shaveril Is Here

Beardsmen typically rejoice during the fall, and it’s certainly not surprising why. With not one, but two awesome charity events happening each November (Movember and No-Shave November), beards are celebrated, lauded, grown by typically completely-shaven dudes, and used for a good cause. But we should have known that brewing in the ether was the antithesis of bearded celebration. Because for every Superman, there will emerge a Lex Luthor. For every Rick Grimes, there will emerge a Governor. And for every bearded cause, there will emerge a shaven one.

Telegraph has reported that Jon Brichto, the Managing Director of the UK-based creative agency and production studio Brickwall, has come up with a new idea, and he thinks it has legs. With the tagline “Do the unthinkable,” Shaveril is a charity event that benefits the mental health organization Mind, who work to improve services for, raise awareness of, and promote understanding of mental health issues.

“‘The idea of Shaveril came about really as a bit of fun,’ the 37 year-old explains. ‘We’re based in the Shoreditch area, and although we’ve all heard about Movember and other trends that encourage you to grow your facial hair, it seems that everybody has a beard these days. Growing out your facial hair is no longer a statement – it’s not that big of a deal,'” Brichto explains in the interview with Telegraph.

“What would be a big deal, however, is if people took up their razors and decided to stay [completely] shaven. These days, men are very attached to their beards – both literally and figuratively! So we decided to see if we could first get hipster Shoreditch to go clean shaven, and then try to take the campaign nationwide. The question is, how many people will part with their beards for a good cause?”

Brichto, who is actually a beardsman himself, does kind of make an interesting point. For us beardsmen, to participate in No-Shave November and Movember kind of means just, well, waking up. But to participate in Shaveril means taking a leap that most of us beardsmen can hardly fathom.

But the cause is certainly a worthwhile one. According to the report from Telegraph, “Earlier this year, statistics were revealed by the Office of National Statistics showing that men still accounted for more than three times as many suicides as women (in 2014 the male rate was 16.8 suicides per 100,000 people, versus 5.2 female deaths.) Shaveril will be one of the only months that will give all proceeds to a mental health charity, and attempt to bring these numbers down.”

To learn more about Shaveril and the charity Mind, read the full article from Telegraph!


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