Matt Booth


My name is Matt Booth. I’m a 40-something husband, father, designer, and artist, with a penchant for being tattooed. These days I can mostly be found at a BMX track, somewhere in the UK, with our 2 pocket rockets Oscar & Noah.


I’m a designer of things who uses code, digital tools, and sometimes sound, to produce a rich mix of work for screen, print, device, and product. With over 20 years in the creative industry, I work for leading studios and brands around the world. I’m also the founder of BLAB – a long running series of speaker nights and social events. 2015 is going to be an exciting year as I set up Ilk, a new creative studio. Watch this space.


I live in the northwest of England, about 20-minutes outside of Manchester, UK, the home of the first computer, a rich musical history, a vibrant creative industry, and 2 famous kickball teams (I don’t like kickball). I’m lucky enough to live only an hour from the Lake District, one the most beautiful places in the UK.


Mainly because I’m not very good at growing hair. My beard has been a regular on my face for some years now and has proved very useful in everyday life, from holding pens to collecting rain water. It has also had no noticeable drag effect when out on my bike, or an increase in heat in the summer months. I just need to find someone I can trust to give it a much needed trim.

Connect with Matt on Twitter: @matthbooth

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