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Matthew Mancinelli

Who I Am

Matthew Mancinelli, a 31 year old guy just growing my beard and living life to the fullest.

What I Do

I’m a film and television executive, and the CEO of Mance Media. Our latest comedy project, The Rumperbutts, was recently released to theaters & VOD. It stars Kori Gardner and Jason Hammel of the Indie Pop duo Mates of State, who also created a lot of original music just for the film.

You can check out more of my films and other projects on my website.

Where I Live

I live in the East Hollywood Hills of Beachwood Canyon in California with my 2 year old charcoal lab, June. I’m also an avid traveler.

Why I Beard

I beard because it’s a form of expression. Photographically I love the way it looks against my dark hair. Plus, I get beard remorse whenever I shave.

Connect with Mance and Mance Media on Instagram: @mattmance + @mancemedia


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