Mixing an Undercut and an Executive Contour Haircut With a Pompadour Style

Craig is going a big ol' trimsy up for our guy in the chair, Liam. They are gonna do a natural side part, but keep the length on top. He starts by sectioning off the top from the sides. The cut he already has is a mix between and Executive Contour and an Undercut. Craig is gonna get rid of the weight along the back and sides, and take it down to a skin fade. He starts with a clipper over comb and takes the excess hair so he can see the shape of Liam's head. That way he can create a plan in his head of how he wants to deal with the cut.

He makes a baseline all the way around the head and takes off all the length. First with a 1 guard, then no guard, and he still flicks at the line so it'll have a soft finish to it. Then he takes the T-Outliners so he can take the hair down close to the skin. This step is important to do so the foils won't irritate Liam's scalp and neck much when Craig uses them. He takes the foils down first so it'll be less irritative when he goes back up. He takes them in different directions so it'll be as clean as can be, and close to the skin like he wanted it.

Now that they have gotten as short as can be, they need to taper the weight to the skin and connect the sections. Craig uses clipper over comb to get a bulk of the weight out so he can see what he's working with. It's easier than trying to switch guards for him. To further help with the taper, he flicks his clippers at the line in order to blend the two sections. Craig uses a brush to get rid of all the excess hair so he can see what he's doing and watch so he doesn't take too much off.

Switching between guards is the last step to complete before scissoring over a comb. Craig does it until he is happy with how it looks. Then he uses the scissors to fine tune the weight, and finish up the cut!






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