Movember vs. No Shave November

Sometimes in life we’re presented with hard choices that have to be made. Twilight fans had to decide between Team Edward and Team Jacob, while everyone else around them was just Team No More Twilight. With DC’s upcoming Dawn of Justice film, folks are already taking sides and choosing Batman or Superman as their fan-favorite. But now that it’s November, there is a far more pressing decision that needs to be made – No-Shave November or Movember?

For the uninitiated, No-Shave November and Movember are both great causes that raise awareness for men’s health issues and diseases – such as testicular and prostate cancer, as well as mental health matters and general physical inactivity – by advocating that guys (and girls, if they’re so inclined) ditch their razors for the month of November, let their hair grow, and raise awareness of, as well as donate to, the prevention and treatment of these men’s health issues. No-Shave’s focus tends to be on growing out a full beard, while Movember is mustache-specific, and this is where some guys run into a dilemma – which should I choose? The easy answer is that you should participate in both!

They are equally great causes, and as pointed out by our No-Shave November/Movember Checklist, if you grow a full beard you pretty much fall into the guidelines for both organizations, so why not be doubly as hairy and charitable? But if you’re still on the fence about which path best suits you as an individual, let our handy infograph help you make your decision. Happy growing, and beard on!




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