Savage Supply Leo Rucksack

As a beardsman, you take pride in your beard and probably your attire as well. It’s just as important to remember to complement your style with rugged accessories to complete your look. The Leo Canvas Rucksack from Savage Supply in Charlotte, North Carolina is not just useful, it’s just plain tough.

In January of 2015 owner Alex Chernopiskiy launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $10,000 to begin Savage Supply Co. His mission was to create durable canvas and leather bags, wallets, t-shirts, and iPad cases. With the help of 109 backers he was able to raise almost $23,000 to seed his brand.

Savage is located in Plaza Midwood, a historic neighborhood of Charlotte where you can find turn of the century architecture, small businesses, and eager entrepreneurs. Savage is part of a community of designers who strive to innovate something timeless and true.

“Our bags are designed in minimalist style with you in mind. Whether you are a traveler, student, or professional, these bags will sustain the hustle and bustle of daily stresses on the trail and office. We are confident our bags will withstand the day-to-day grind your busy lifestyle demands, all while staying current to the latest fashion trends.”

“Our mission is to mix practicality with the soul. Our series of bags and essentials are a product of many long days and late nights these past 18 months. We have experimented and tweaked techniques to bring you the best product possible. This is the end result, everything we believe in and love. It’s not just a bag, it’s our vision come to life – this is Savage.”

The Leo Rucksack is constructed of military grade duck canvas and full 3/16” thick vegetable tanned leather and is available in grey or army green. The copper rivets and brass hardware basically make the bag nearly indestructible and long lasting.

I carried mine to work everyday for a month and put it through the bearded man’s torture test. I love the padded interior pocket with velcro closure for my laptop. It also has two smaller pockets for pens and notebooks.

The quilted back-side and padded straps were soft but solid. The moment you pick it up you know that it’s made to last, like everything we feature. Savage represents everything I love about small American businesses, which includes items that most people haven’t seen. I can’t count how many times people said “Hey, where’d you get that bag?”

Whether you’re carrying it around campus, to the office, or through the woods for a day hike, the Leo Rucksack is sure to turn heads. It makes a great carry-on when paired with their full-size Sammy Weekender Duffel. Need something a little bigger? Check out their brand new Blake Rucksack as well ($169)


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