Nachiket Kulkarni

—Urban Beardsman

Who I Am

I go by the name Nachiket Kulkarni. I am an artist, creative, and lover of unexplored places with a passion for travelling. You could call me a nomad. I follow my curiosity and my instincts as they guide me to the ends of the Earth.

What I Do

I shoot people. Yeah you heard that right.

I’m a photographer, cinematographer, storyteller, an amateur writer. While I work in multiple fields of photography, making conceptual and visually appealing images is my main interest. Capturing the fleeting moment incapsulates the soul of the place, and that photographic process has changed my perception of the world to be more constructed of depths, layers and dimensions.

Where I Live

I was born in Pune, India and reside there at times when I take a small break from exploring places.

Why I Beard

Where do i start? It all started when I first began to grow facial hair, back in high school and tried every look with it. From a tender goatee in middle school, to a Van Dyke in high school, my love for the mane just got stronger with time. I left whatever I was doing in life and decided to follow my passion, it was then that I decided to let the beard grow out.

I think beards makes us unique, and differentiates us from the masses with a unique characteristic. A depth. My life keeps unveiling in unique and unusual ways, just as my beard, and it continues to be one incredible ride – with no regrets.

This is my Beard.
There are many like it,
But this is mine.
I must master it,
As I must master my life.
Without me, my beard is useless.
Without my beard, I am useless.
I must grow my beard true.
I must grow it longer than the enemy who is trying to get me to shave.
This is my Beard, the real vitamin B


Connect with Nachiket on Instagram: @nachyketk

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