New Balance 574

If you are like me, you probably bum around in flip-flops most of the summer. While those sandals may be convenient they don’t provide much support for your feet. Your dogs are barking, it’s time to treat your feet with a pair of super slick New Balance 574s.

In 1906, William J. Riley founded the New Balance Arch Support Company in Boston. His original design was a flexible arch support designed with three support points that provided balance and comfort. The blueprint for the concept was born while observing his chickens; that their three-clawed foot resulted in perfect balance.

New Balance continued to sell arch supports until 1960 when they designed the “Trackster”, the world’s first running shoe made with a “ripple sole.” The Trackster took off when cross-country teams at MIT, Tufts, and Boston University adopted them. In 1972 their company consisted of 6 people making 30 pairs of shoes a day.

Today the New Balance company is prolific, offering a wide range of shoes for sport and lifestyle. The 574s have retained a super-cool retro look from the 80s while continuing to push the limits of style and function. I’m probably showing my age with this comment, but they remind me of all of my shoes from elementary school. All of them.

These are by far the most comfortable sneaker that I have ever worn. I’ve been kicking around in my first pair of 574s for a month and I absolutely love them. The cushioning is ultra soft and light. The suede and mesh are classic, bringing a vintage feel to my look.

The 574s come in 14 styles with more than 51 color combinations. Just let that sink in a moment. If the stock colors don’t do it for you, 5 of the 574 styles can be fully customized with the NB1 program for $159.95. The website is smooth and super easy to use, allowing you to choose 17 different features including color, materials and signature details. The last step in the personalization is to choose the text on the left and right rear. We only hope that “Urban Beardsman” fits on each heel.


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