Randy Robbins

The most common trait of a Beardsman is not the immediate sight of a beautiful beard, but the unrelenting drive to reach the passions that reside deep inside of us. A true beardsman is someone who shows the work ethic to overcome whatever obstacles may (attempt) to prevent them from accomplishing the goals they have set for themselves. Bearded poet Randy Robbins is the perfect example of someone who is willing to work night and day to break through the chains in order to make his rhymes heard.

Born and raised in Kent and Maple Valley, Washington, Randy is not your stereotypical outspoken and flashy entertainer. With clever and poetic lyrics laid on top of an almost Jazz-like sound, he produces songs that he describes as, “Some good music to drive to.” Randy explains his tracks even further by saying, “You are going to get some music that will make you think, but it’s not overwhelming. It definitely has the Northwest feel.”


Like many of us who are chasing our dreams, Randy works hard to earn a living during the day before working even harder on his music at night. Currently working at a large, wholesale warehouse, he has done a little bit of everything in order to pay the bills while having created eighty to ninety songs and over seven projects. “I went to school for communications and after that I waited tables, built fences and cut concrete, but I have always wanted a career that allows me to create with words and music.”

When talking about music with Randy, you quickly realize that his inspiration comes from the most expected and unexpected places. “I think Andre 3000 has been my biggest musical inspiration. I’ve also been inspired by a lot of great, Seattle hip-hop artists.” The big curve is when he gives credit for learning how to write. “I really learned a lot about puns and writing from the comedian Mitch Hedberg.” (Yes, the late comedian whose work gave of us some amazing quotes, such as, “When I was a boy I laid in my twin-size bed and wondered where my twin brother was.”) When you listen to the cleverness behind Randy’s lyrics, it completely makes sense.


The philosophy behind his beard growth is as straight forward as his music. “I feel like it’s kind of personal to me, being able to grow it and have a good beard reminds me that I am my own person.” After two years of amazing growth, Randy is cautious of being recognized as the rapper with the beard. He wants his legacy to be his voice, whether it is through music or writing.


The future is starting to look up for Randy’s career with his new, ten track project The Grass is Always Yellower, which launched this week. “The title comes from the idea that sometimes the things and people you believe you need in your life to succeed are actually the ones right around you.” When asked to compare this project to his previous work Randy said, “The project contains no samples, with an emphasis on more live instruments. I felt like my weakness in the past was always a lack in the dynamics of the music. I focused on writing the most complete songs that I could. This time around I was blessed to work with some very talented artists, musicians and engineers. Their skill sets are responsible for what I consider to be a complete project front to back.”

Keep up with Randy on his Facebook (facebook.com/RandyRobbinsRap) and on Twitter (@RandyRobbinsRap). The Grass is Always Yellower is available on iTunes and other platforms and available for streaming on SoundCloud. Also, take a look at his newest video, The Worthy James on YouTube

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