Rob Hohne

—Urban Beardsman

Who I Am.

I am Rob Hohne. I am an agriculturalist, shopkeeper, cocktail-maker, and unlicensed attorney.

What I Do.

I work for a boutique meat producer called BN Ranch–we raise grass-fed, beef, lamb, and free-range turkey. I also run an online retail store with my wife called Truck & Barter . Finding new makers and products for the shop is a passion of mine, and curating the store with high quality brands is a necessity. I bartend on the weekends in Sonoma, CA.


Where I Live.

Petaluma, CA. Just north of San Francisco, it’s an old school agricultural town that’s still realizing it’s a part of wine country. Good ol’ dive bars, but also some modern flair and good restaurants.

Why I Beard.

I beard mostly because Mother Nature told me to. She didn’t accidentally make hair grow on my face, so I embrace it. Beards are fun, but they’re also incredibly normal (historically) and easy to do. I wish growing plants was as easy as growing beards.