Simplify Your Skin & Hair Routine By Using Just These Products

—Urban Beardsman
Simplify Your Skin & Hair Routine By Using Just These Products

Sometimes simple is better, including when it comes to men’s grooming. Why fill your cabinet with a dozen products to take care of your hair, beard, and skin if you can take care of everything in one package? With our new Utility Bar and Utility Balm, you can do exactly that and create your own simple skin care routine.

There are a lot of products out there that are designed to be all-purpose; to keep your beard looking good, or skin looking moisturized and healthy, or even to keep your tattoos vibrant and bright. Balm is a versatile product that goes beyond the beard, and keeps you looking awesome in all of those aspects.

Utility Balm is a smooth, soothing, deep conditioner that is perfect for keeping your hair and beard velvety soft and hydrated. But the real beauty of this product is that once you’re done applying it to your beard, simply take another scoop and apply it to your skin to keep it moisturized and healthy. It even keeps your tattoos looking brand new! Utility Balm comes in our signature Silver Line scent blends, as well as the distinguished Gold Line. It features ingredients like mango butter, lanolin, jojoba oil, shea butter (which is rich in vitamins and renowned for it anti-aging properties), and cocoa butter (which contains a number of antioxidants and is known to improve skin health and elasticity).

To Get Started

Utility Balm vs. Styling Balm

There may be some confusion between Utility Balm and Styling Balm, but we’re here to clear up the confusion so you understand the functions they both serve. Let’s talk about our Utility Balm first.

The Utility Balm serves primarily as a conditioning product, and it’s not designed to control or “hold” your beard or hair in place. It does provide a bit more control than Beard Oil – which we’ll talk about later – but it’s heavier than Beard Oil because of its ingredients such as butter (shea butter, mango butter, etc.) and waxes.

Beardbrand Utility Balm

We also believe that our Utility Balm provides a simple one-stop solution to skin and beard care and we’ll tell you how to use it a bit later on, as well. If you feel the need to use a variety of products, however, you can keep the following suggestions in mind.

Utility Balm also moisturizes your beard, hair, skin, and tattoos. It consists of all-natural ingredients and is temperature-sensitive as a result. That’s why it melts so easily in your hands as you prepare to apply it, and also why you may notice fine grains within the balm. Those grains form during shipping at certain times of the season; the balm may melt during shipping, then re-harden – which is when the grains form.

There’s nothing to worry about regarding the grains, however, and they’ll emulsify when in your hands or when you apply the balm.

To check out the many uses of our Utility Balm, take a look at this video:

Styling Balm is just what its name suggests, i.e., it’s meant to style your beard and hair. It’s a lightweight product that provides a natural hold that is not overly stiff. You can still run your fingers through your hair and it doesn’t look like you’re using product in your hair or beard.

Our Styling Balm consists of a mixture of natural ingredients and safe synthetics. Rest assured, the synthetics are used in appropriate amounts and are safe for your skin and hair.

This video also discusses the differences and similarities between Utility Balm and Styling Balm:

Utility Bar

Our Latest Product That Will Rock Your World

Our Utility Bar is the most recent addition to our line of grooming products and, like our Utility Balm, provides an all-in-one solution for your cleansing and shaving needs. You’ll like its list of natural ingredients that provides the kind of performance you expect from a high quality grooming product.

It’s hard to top the versatility of our Utility Bar because it functions as a body soap, face wash, shampoo bar, shave soap, and beard wash. It produces a rich, moisturizing lather that – unlike inferior products – leaves you with a clean feeling without residue.

Beardbrand Utility Bar

It’s also gentle enough for everyday use while providing the kind of hydration that your skin and body need. It comes in our three Silver Line scents: Tree Ranger, Tea Tree, and Spiced Citrus.

Our Tree Ranger scent has a blend of eucalyptus that’s reminiscent of a hike through a Pacific Northwest forest.

The Tea Tree Utility Bar has a crisp, fresh blend that will remind you of the brisk morning air of the mountains - it’s a very cool and clean scent that you can wear at any time of the day.

Our Spiced Citrus scent blends clove, vanilla, and spices to create the perfect aroma. It will remind you of the warm and comforting fragrances of holidays at home.

Keys to a Simple Routine

Don't Complicate Your Skin Care Routine.

There’s no need to overdo things and approach your skin care with the fervor of a hungry man approaching an all-you-can-eat buffet. You don’t have to be the guy with dozens of different products jamming the nooks and crannies of your bathroom. It doesn’t have to be that complicated, and adhering to the following skin care routine steps will suffice.

Wash your skin

It sounds obvious, but regularly washing the skin on your face and body is always a good idea. Warm (not hot, mind you) water helps to open the pores and encourages better circulation over the subdermal layer of your skin.

Resist the urge to wash your face with bar soap. Bar soap often contains harsh chemicals that will strip your face of important nutrients. Bar soap isn’t all that great for your body’s skin, either. Look for gentler soaps, preferably those that don’t contain sulfates, parabens and other nasty synthetic crap that rob your skin of needed moisture.

Dry Off

OK, another Captain Obvious moment – you need to dry off after you’ve showered or otherwise cleansed the skin on your face and body. But here’s the catch: you need to dry off in the right way. Rather than drying your skin like most men – you know, as if you’re polishing your car – pat dry your skin instead. It will help to preserve your skin’s natural elasticity.


The next step is to moisturize your face and body. Use a small amount of lotion on your face, preferably one that contains sunscreen, and make sure to cover all areas – cheeks, forehead, neck, etc. The same rules apply for moisturizing your body; make sure to apply it to your ankles, elbows, knees, shoulders, lower legs, and don’t forget your hands.

You’ll also want to moisturize the skin around your eyes but it’s best to use a cream designed for the thinner, more delicate skin located in that area.

In the Evening

Don’t forget to spend a few minutes taking care of your skin in the evening, and most of the same simple skin care steps apply:

  • Splash your face with warm water and then apply a cleanser.
  • Use a nighttime facial lotion. It doesn’t have to contain sunscreen.
  • Apply eye cream.

A couple of other steps you can take two or three times a week is to apply a facial scrub or an exfoliator, and to use a cream that contains retinol. Exfoliating will remove the top layer of dead skin and dirt that gets trapped against your skin during the day. Products with retinol rejuvenate the skin and infuse it with antioxidants.

Now that we’ve covered some of the basic steps of skin care, let’s take a look under the hood and break things down a bit more deeply.

Skin Care & More

Everything You Need to Know

Dry skin? Flaky patches? If you want to give your skin the absolute best care and keep it hydrated and soft, throw on some Utility Balm and watch the problems disappear. Apply a quarter-sized amount to your skin and massage it in for a soothing, moisturizing experience.

Unfortunately, many men don’t worry all that much about their skincare and that’s too bad. Our skin, after all, is our body’s largest organ and it deserves the same kind of TLC that we give our hair and beard. Fortunately, products such as our Utility Balm exist and there’s a boatload of information about men’s skin care.

Here's another thing: men’s skin is different than women’s skin, so nip the temptation to use your wife’s or girlfriend’s skincare products in the bud. Men typically have thicker, oilier, and more porous skin than women. Guys have a better chance of getting acne. Our pores make for more pronounced lines, especially as aging starts to exhibit its many signs.

So, use the stuff made for men, not the stuff made for your wife or girlfriend. You’ll appreciate the results.

Know Your Skin Type

Most – if not all – experts say that the first, even most important, step in maintaining healthy skin is knowing your skin type. Not knowing your skin type means potentially treating your skin with products that do more harm than good. That said, here’s a quick look at the five general skin types:

  • Normal

You guys with normal skin get all the breaks. Your skin doesn’t get oily during the day, or get dry or irritated easily. Acne isn’t much of an issue for you, either.

  • Oily

You know you have oily skin when it has a natural shine (or light sheen) to it and it often leads to acne.

  • Dry & Sensitive Skin

If your skin gets irritated easily and often feels dry and tight, then you have dry or sensitive skin.

  • Combination

Just as its name implies, if you have combination skin your skin is both oily and dry – but in specific areas of your face. We all have what’s known as the “T” zone on our faces which consists of the horizontal bar of the T across our foreheads, and the vertical bar that runs from your forehead to the tip of your nose. Men with combination skin experience an oily T-zone while the rest of their face has dry/sensitive skin.

  • Aging

The relentless march of age affects every part of us, not the least of which is our skin. The signs of aging skin are readily apparent: the skin looks worn out, has wrinkles and lines, and also has age spots. These signs become more apparent when you neglect your skin.

Now let’s break it down by skincare for each type of skin.

Tips for Dry Skin

Our Utility Balm is excellent for dry, cracked skin because of its deep conditioning properties. If you live in a dry climate, or in an area where freezing winters are common, you can use Utility Balm on your hands, knuckles, and elbows to prevent them from drying and cracking. Or, if you use your hands a lot when you work (such as a construction contractor or line chef) you should apply the Utility Balm to your hands at bedtime each night to keep your skin soft.

How to use it: Warm the balm between your hands and then apply it your hands, knuckles, elbows, and other dry skin problem areas you may have.

Foot Care

How to put your best foot forward with Utility Balm

The skin on your feet may become dry and cracked, or develop calluses that cause you no shortage of grief. Our Utility Balm will help relieve these issues, however.

How to use it: Apply a generous amount of our Utility Balm to your feet – especially on your heels and calluses - each night to help soften the skin tissue. Exfoliating your feet on a regular basis will help speed up the conditioning process.

Scalp Care

Bald is beautiful, but your scalp needs some TLC, too

If you shave or buzz your hair, it’s wise to use something that softens and heals your scalp after you’ve shaved it. Our Utility Balm can serve that purpose, as well, while also helping to improve your scalp’s appearance. Shaving with clippers or trimmers is a common practice, but it can stir up some dandruff and dead skin that you need to exfoliate, anyway.

How to use it: Apply a layer of Utility Balm over the scalp after you shower and/or shave. Warm the balm in your hands before you apply it.

Improve Your Shave

If you’re looking for an alternative to your current shaving lubricant, look no further than our Utility Balm. For one, the balm consists of natural ingredients and doesn’t include irritating synthetics or silicones that can easily clog pores and cause ingrown hairs.

How to use it: Apply the Utility Balm to warm, wet skin just as you would with any shaving cream, gel, or foam, and then shave. Or use the Utility Bar for a wet shave (for your face or your scalp).

Tips by Skin Type

Stick to the fundamentals with this skin care routine for different skin types

Our Utility Balm serves a wide range of purposes when it comes to skin care. The following guidelines for creating a simple skin care routine for each type of skin will help, too.

Dry Skin Care

Here’s how to deal with dry skin

  • Moisturize it – Dry skin suggests just that, i.e., that your skin doesn’t get enough moisture naturally. Everyone’s skin produces a mix of oils, lipids, and dead skin cells that provide a protective layer. Men with dry skin, however, don’t produce a lot of protective oil and daily washing can strip what oil they do have - which is why using a moisturizer is a must for dry-skinned men. Moisturizer is your first line of defense if you have dry skin. You should apply a moisturizer every day, but keep in mind that moisturizers may vary greatly from product to product. Don’t be afraid to try out a few – or do the ever-helpful “patch test” – to find one that best suits your skin and won’t cause an allergic reaction.
  • Wet your face first – Wait, a sec. Before you apply a moisturizer you need to wet your face first. Why? Because moisturizers form a layer on your skin that keeps moisture from leaving it. If you have dry skin, you’re not trapping in moisture, but dry skin. So, always splash a bit of water on your face before you put on your moisturizer.
  • Stop. Smoking. – Unless you’ve lived in a cave – and most men haven’t for thousands of years – you know all about the negative impact that smoking has on your health. Your skin takes its share of punishment when you smoke, too, not the least of which is that smoking prematurely ages your skin. Smoking damages and dries out skin, while the nasty particles and pollutants found in cigarette smoke settles on your skin, forms a residue and eventually blocks your pores and causes discoloration. Nasty stuff, gents.
  • Be wary of winter – Almost everyone will experience dry skin when temperatures plunge and their world starts to seem like a frozen wasteland. As a man with dry skin, you need to be particularly wary of protecting your skin for when the dry winter air sucks the moisture from it.
  • Don’t dawdle in the shower – If you’re like a lot of men, you love a nice, long hot shower. And what’s not to like? The problem is, the longer you linger in the shower, the more you’ll remove your skin’s protective layer that keeps moisture from leaving it. So, shorten your showers a bit – and avoid soaking in hot water while taking a tub bath – and you’ll keep your already dry skin from drying out even further.

Oily Skin Care

Take this approach to caring for oily skin

You’re not alone if you have oily skin and more than 30% of men feel like their skin has too much oil. While oily skin can get a bad rap, it has a few positives, too, including that it’s less likely to show early signs of aging.

  • You have oily skin and, yes, you want it to be less oily. So, you over-dry it and wonder why you’re having the same skin problems as before. The answer is this: when you make your skin too dry, it will overreact and actually produce more oil. The bottom line is that you want to reduce the oil on your skin but don’t go overboard and create even more problems.
  • Many popular bar soaps dry out your skin and cause it to produce more oil. Avoid using those soaps on your face.
  • Washing your face in the morning and night removes the grime that’s accumulated during the day. Meanwhile, daily moisturizing helps to normalize the skin to keep it from over or under-producing additional oil.
  • Restrict the number of greasy foods you eat each day. Meanwhile, foods with supplements such as vitamin A or zinc can help regulate and reduce oily breakouts.
  • Men with longer hair should make sure it’s clean before they climb into bed, because the oily buildup in hair can end up on your pillowcase – and then on your face.

Normal Skin Care

Normal skin deserves a routine, too

Normal skin is awesome but can also make you lackadaisical when it comes to caring for it. You may think that you can use any product on it, but that’s not the case.

  • Even skin that’s naturally balanced can change depending on what you expose it to each day. The sun, wind, sweat can all affect your skin and may lead to breakouts and skin damage if you’re not careful.
  • That said, there’s nothing overly complicated about caring for normal skin: 1) use a gentle face wash both morning and night, 2) exfoliate the skin two to three times a week, and 3) moisturize your face to prevent excessive oil and dehydration.

Combination Skin Care

What you need to know about caring for combination skin

A lot of men have combination skin and can get the most from their skin care routine by taking the following steps:

  • Moisturizer, again, is a saving grace for the skin. If you have combination skin, a moisturizer helps to prevent dry patches, but you’ll want to use a little less of it on the oilier parts of your face.
  • Anti-aging cream is a good tool to have in your grooming kit if you have combination skin, because your skin type is more prone to fine lines, wrinkles, and other aging signs. Using an anti-aging cream daily will keep your skin younger looking. Just make sure that includes retinol, which is one of the most powerful anti-aging ingredients.
  • Exfoliating the skin in your T-zone helps to reduce the amount of oil while scrubbing away dirt and debris. You only need to exfoliate a few times a week, however.
  • A quality face wash is good for men of all skin types because, as mentioned above, mass-produced bar soaps tend to dry out the skin.

Aging Skin Care

Follow this time-tested approach to aging skin

There’s not much we can do about the aging process. It is, after all, part of being human. We can at least reduce and slow the effects aging has on our skin, however, and there are a variety of things you can do if your skin showing the progression of Father Time.

  • Don’t neglect the skin around your eyes – One of the first places you’ll see signs of aging skin is the skin around your eyes. Left untreated, it will dry out and crack, but a good eye cream will provide protection and keep the wrinkles, lines, and crow’s feet from becoming painfully obvious.
  • Many men use a lifting serum that can make your skin look more chiseled after it loses definition because of aging. Lifting serums seem to make a difference – the chances are good that you may get your chiseled jawline back again, for instance – although the results aren’t permanent.
  • One of the things you don’t want to do when your skin starts to show signs of aging is to overdo your skin care. Stick to the basics (cleansing, moisturizing, etc.), and you can even begin by focusing on one area of the face, such as your eyes, before jumping into a more comprehensive routine.

Simple Hair Care

Keeping it Real: An Uncomplicated Approach to Hair Care

While beard hair is quite different than the hair on your head, the beauty of our Utility Balm is that it’s versatile enough to handle both. If you want to give your hair a shine and a deep, leave-in conditioner, simply warm a dime-sized amount between your palms, and apply to your hair. Be sure to pay special attention to getting it down to the roots as well as the ends. The result is healthy, soft, smooth hair that is nourished by all-natural ingredients.

There’s no need to over-complicate your hair care routine, either. Our Utility Balm is a go-to option for getting your luxurious locks to look their best, just use the following steps and suggestions. Let’s start with our Utility Balm.

Let it Shine

Why our Utility Balm will keep your ‘style’ looking good

Bearbrand’s Utility Balm is an ideal product for men who prefer a glossy finish on their hair but don’t want too much of a hold. Our Utility Balm adds a natural-looking shine but keeps your hair in its natural texture. The deep conditioning properties keep your hair and scalp nourished and healthy, while you can also use it to style your side part quiff while giving you a nice finished appearance as you walk out the door.

How to use it: Rub a small amount of balm – no more than a finger full – between your fingers and then spread it evenly throughout your hair before your brush or comb it into your preferred style.

Use a conditioning mask

Create your own with our balm

Here’s something to keep in mind: if you tend to have an extra-dry beard and face, the chances are you’re prone to dry hair and a dry scalp. Not to worry, however, because our Utility Balm works as an excellent hair mask.

How to Use it: Apply a generous amount of the balm and scalp at bedtime and then brush it in for even distribution. Wear it overnight and rinse or wash out in the shower the following morning.

Let’s take a look now at some other methods for a simple, yet effective, hair care routine:

The Fundamentals

The following are more suggestions for creating a simple, yet effective, hair care routine, no matter which grooming product you choose.

  • Choose your shampoo wisely

Not all shampoos, or conditioners for that matter, are created equal. Many contain sulfates and silicones (our Utility Balm is silicone-free). Sulfates and silicones will dry your hair and make it look dull with repeated use. Instead, look for moisturizing products that contain ingredients which restore and hydrate hair.

  • Limit your hair washing

Shampooing your hair on a daily basis isn’t necessarily a good thing because doing so can strip your hair of the protective oils produced by your scalp. Some experts suggest washing it only two to three times a week. If your hair gets greasy easily, you can always do a water-only wash on the days you don’t use shampoo.

Note: Your hair may overproduce oil as it adjusts to less shampooing but it will balance out and your hair will stay clean longer.

  • Dry your hair gently

The same principle for drying your face and body applies to drying your hair. That is, pat dry it instead of rubbing with the force of someone with runaway testosterone levels. You only need to get rid of the excess water.

Speaking of drying your hair, you should use a blow dryer sparingly. Using a hairdryer (especially on high heat) every day will eventually cause hair damage, and if you have thinning hair, you may want to ditch the dryer altogether.

  • Use styling products sparingly

From pomade, to gel, to hair cream, to our excellent Styling Balm, there are many products you can use to keep your hair’s style in place. The key, however, is to use only enough product you need because too much can leave your hair looking greasy. Anything more than a dime-sized amount is probably too much if you have a shorter hairstyle.

It’s best to apply styling products when your hair is still wet because it will help give you that well-groomed look throughout your day.

  • Comb your hair after applying a styling product

A comb evenly distributes styling products throughout your hair. Use a wide-tooth comb if your hair is curly or kinky because it helps get rid of tangles. A fine-tooth comb will cause curly or kinky hair to frizz, however.

You should also use a wide-tooth comb instead of a brush if your hair is longer because a brush may break hair follicles and cause frizziness. Meanwhile, applying a hair oil when it’s wet – a little goes a long way, mind you – will act as a conditioner.

  • Don’t be a stranger to your barber

Regular trips to the barbershop are an essential part of a hair care routine. You’ll need to keep it trimmed, of course, but a professional barber has all kinds of tips and suggestions for hair care and keeping your hair looking its best.

For the Beards

Want a Great-Looking Beard? Here’s How.

Beardbrand Beard Oils, as well as our Washes and Softeners, are built to hydrate and cleanse your beard, give it a healthy shine, and keep it smooth. With our Utility Balm, you can manage all of that in a single low-maintenance grooming product. Simply scoop a dime-sized amount out of the jar, gently warm it between your palms, and rub it into your beard. Be sure to get down to the roots. Unlike waxes and pastes, the balm is a no-hold moisturizer, meaning your beard will stay soft to the touch and have a natural shape that’s unaffected by the balm itself.

Why our Utility Balm is great for your beard

Beardbrand’s Utility Balm serves as an excellent daily beard conditioner, much like Beard Oil. But the balm lasts a bit longer than oil because it sits on top of your beard and skin longer than beard oil. Utility Balm may give you an even better look if you have a dense beard or if the skin underneath your beard is prone to dryness.

The balm’s thickness also provides enough that you can comb down stubborn beard hairs that defy your grooming goals and your beard’s shape. You can also use it to style and hold your mustache and sideburns to give them a more finished look.

Last, but not least, Utility Balm also serves as an excellent skin moisturizer, one that you can use to hydrate the skin under your beard daily.

How to use it: Warm our Utility Balm between your hands and then apply it to your beard evenly and spread it with a quality beard brush, preferably one made of boar’s hair.

Jack using a boar's hair brush

You can also use our Utility Balm as a beard conditioning mask. You're certainly not alone if your beard tends to be drier than the beards of other men. There is a variety of reasons for it; whether you work in an occupation that requires you to give your beard a deep cleaning every day, or you live in a cold, dry climate that can damage and irritate skin easily. Whatever the reason for your dry beard, our Utility Balm also serves as a restorative beard mask that repairs dry and broken facial hair aggressively.

How to use it: The best time to apply our Utility Balm conditioning mask is at bedtime. Warm a generous amount of the balm in your hands and apply it throughout your beard before using a brush to make sure you distribute it evenly. If it feels like you’ve applied too much there’s no need to worry because you’ve probably applied just the right amount. Rinse it out after about 30 minutes, or wash it out in the shower the next morning.

Treat the Skin Underneath

Reaching the skin underneath your beard is a must

The skin under your beard may become dry and itchy, which is something you may or may not have bargained for when you first started growing your magnificent beard. Not every man experiences it, but it does happen often enough that it qualifies as a potential “issue.” While it’s not a serious condition compared to, say, an unexplained facial rash, it can cause itching and lead to the dreaded beard dandruff.

Massage balm underneath the skin

Why the skin under your beard gets dry

One of the first things we want to address is why the skin under your beard becomes dry and itchy.

  • A lot of factors contribute to dryness on the skin under your beard, including your facial hair. Your beard draws moisture from the surface of your skin, which then evaporates quickly.
  • Furthermore, the sebaceous glands on your skin – the glands that produce a natural oil called sebum – can produce enough oil to keep your skin moisturized during the early stages of beard growth. But the glands aren’t that big - and have a hard time keeping up when the beard becomes longer.
  • Dead skin cells lifted from the skin when you wash your beard sometimes get caught between your beard hairs and cause ingrown hairs and, yes, dryness. The dryness then leads to irritation and itching.
  • Detergents found in many shampoos and bar soap (that you may use to wash your beard) contain chemicals that can dry out your hair. They’ll also strip your beard of vitamins and nutrients secreted by your sebaceous glands.
  • Cold and dry weather can cause dry skin.
  • Many other factors contribute to dry skin, such as a lack of sleep, stress, not drinking enough water, too much exposure to sunlight, and more.

So, how do you moisturize the skin under your beard?

Moisturizing the skin under your beard is a challenge because, well, your beard blocks the path to your skin. That’s why you need to make sure that you massage Beardbrand’s Utility Balm to the roots of your beard to ensure that the skin absorbs it.

Products to Try

Here’s a look at some other beard products to test out

While our Utility Balm will moisturize your beard and skin, and keep your beard soft and manageable, there are other products that men may use to moisturize their beard and the skin beneath it.

  • Beard Oil

Beard Oil is an excellent moisturizer that keeps your beard soft and manageable. It doesn’t serve as a cleanser – keeping your beard clean is up to you and products such as Beard Wash – but Beard Oil is a good beard care tool to have.

Beard Oil comes from a blend of carrier and essential oils. A carrier oil serves to carry an essential oil to the skin while also diluting the essential oil so it’s safe to use, together they provide nourishment to hair and skin.

There are numerous carrier oils out there, but jojoba oil is a common one found in skincare products because it mimics the body’s natural oils (sebum). It’s also quickly absorbed into the face and skin.

When you think of essential oil, it’s helpful to think of fragrance because it’s what gives plants their signature aroma. In turn, they provide the aroma found in Beard Oil. Essential oils are distilled from aromatic botanical plants, bark, leaves, and roots.

Essentials oils are “volatile” compounds, which is the primary reason why a carrier oil is needed to dilute them. Like the scent of cologne or perfume, the distinct aroma of essential oil consists of base, middle, and top “notes.”

Common essential oils include sandalwood, tea tree, eucalyptus, and cedarwood. Among other ingredients you may find in a Beard Oil is vitamin E, which is great for overall skin health.

  • Beard Softener

Beard Softener has a variety of beard benefits, including that it hydrates the skin beneath your beard, improves the texture of your beard so it’s less likely to irritate your skin, and softens it to make it more manageable.

  • Beard Wash vs Shampoo

All kinds of stuff can accumulate in your beard on any given day – whether it’s the usual dust, dirt, and grime from the environment, or the chunk of lasagna that fell onto your beard at lunch. That’s why you need to clean your beard regularly, whether it’s with our Utility Bar, or with our Beardbrand Beard Wash. Our Beard Wash is gentle enough to help keep the skin under your beard healthy but is also tough enough to clean the curliest and coarsest of beards. We recommend using it once or twice a week, but you can use it more frequently if needed.

A common question among beardsmen is, “Can’t I just wash my beard with the same shampoo I used on my head?” The answer is, yes you can, but good luck finding a beard care expert who says it’s a good thing.

For starters, Beard Washes don’t contain the harsh chemicals common to regular shampoos. Regular shampoo works not only to clean your hair, but also to get rid of the oil that makes it look greasy if left unchecked (and the greasiness of hair varies from person to person).

Trust us, you don’t want to strip away the natural oils from the skin beneath your beard if you want the skin to remain hydrated. Wash designed for beards provides a good cleansing without stripping away the oils, and also helps wash away dead skin cells. And that, friends, goes a long way towards relieving the itching, irritation, and beardruff that may be driving you up the proverbial wall.

Plus, a quality Beard Wash keeps your beard smelling clean and fresh - your intimate companions will appreciate that.

However, the important thing about Beard Wash is that it helps keep your skin hydrated, unlike the shampoo in your shower that keeps the hair on your head from becoming greasy.

Dry Skin = Beardruff

Beardruff is just what you think it is – dandruff on your beard. Again, the amount of beardruff you experience (or may not experience) can be different than it is for other men, but what you think of it is - just taking a wild guess here - the same as 99 percent of bearded men on the planet, i.e., it sucks.

Help is on its way, however, or already has arrived, including from products such as your Utility Balm. After all, a primary cause of beardruff is dry skin, especially if you regularly wash your beard with shampoos, soaps, and washes that contain detergents and other harsh chemicals.

Another common cause of beardruff is fungal infections. A leading cause of these infections is yeast, which flourishes if not exposed to sunlight. The longer the beard, the greater the breeding ground for yeast – unless you consistently clean your beard (and skin) with our Utility Bar or with a Beard Wash.

You can also use an exfoliator to get rid of the dead skin cells that accumulate under the beard. An exfoliator also helps to scrub away the yeast that leads to beardruff and itching. It’s also a good idea to use lukewarm water during the process because water that’s too hot can sap your skin of needed moisture.

If dry skin and beardruff persist even after you’ve tried a balm, Beard Wash, Beard Softener etc., you may need to see a dermatologist. You could have a skin condition that requires a prescription medicine to get rid of the problem.

Another great tool you can – and should – use to keep your beard healthy and looking good, is a beard brush. Brushing your beard not only helps keep it clean but will keep its hairs from tangling or growing in opposite directions. Men who’ve had to comb a knot of tangled hair from their beard understand the importance of having a beard brush on hand. Brushing also helps to spread your skin’s natural oils over the hairs, which helps keep your beard soft and healthy.

Thorough Tattoo Care

How to Keep Your Tattoos From Showing Their Age

Sun damage and dry weather can strip your tattoos of their color and vibrancy. But a super conditioning balm like ours can penetrate to the deep dermal layers and ensure your ink doesn’t break up or fade. Keep your tattoos looking good as new; work in the balm and give your skin the healthy treatment it deserves.

Moisturize the Ink

How to use our Utility Balm to moisturize your tattoos

Our Utility Balm will help your tattoos pop and look as vibrant as they did when you first got them. It provides excellent moisture that keeps your skin healthy and hydrated - healthier skin holds your tattoo’s ink for a longer time. As we’ll talk about in a bit, not taking care of your tattoos means they’ll fade more quickly and become a dull replica of their original look and vibrancy.

How to use it: Warm Utility Balm in your hands and apply it to your tattoos.

The Basics on Maintaining Your Tattoo

The bad news is that your tattoo ages right along with you. That means it will start to fade and not look as vibrant as it did in the early years. The good news though, is that there are things you can do to keep it looking its best:

  • Moisturizing is perhaps the most important thing you can do to maintain your tattoo’s vibrant colors. Our skin becomes drier as we age and proper hydration will keep your tattoo from looking dull and tired.
  • Exercising and staying in good physical condition will help maintain the look of your tattoo. Weight gain and a loss of body tone – and even dramatic weight loss – alters your body’s shape and how your tattoo looks. Eating right and getting plenty of rest also helps. The bottom line is that keeping yourself in shape helps keep your tattoo in shape, as well.
  • You should also minimize, or quit habits that are proven to increase the physical effects of aging, including smoking, drug use, stress, and excessive sun tanning.
  • Exfoliating the skin – in which you remove dead skin cells – is another great way to maintain your tattoo. As the layers of dead skin cells become thicker they’ll obscure the vibrancy of your tatt. Exfoliating, then moisturizing the skin on and around your tattoo is a good routine to follow.
  • While maintaining a fitness regimen is good for body, mind, and soul, be careful to keep your tattoo dry from sweat as much as possible. Sweat can make the color of your tattoo fade faster. If you can’t keep it dry during your workout, make sure you pat it completely dry after you’ve finished dominating the weight bench.

Carlos' tattoos

Protecting your tattoo from the sun, as mentioned, is another crucial part of the tattoo-maintenance process. Excessive exposure to the sun can bleach the color from your tattoo whether it’s a new tattoo or one you’ve had for years. Here are some steps to take to limit sun damage:

  • Apply sunblock lotion, preferably one with a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 50 or higher over your tattoo and reapply it often, particularly if you’re going to be in the sun for a long time.
  • Wearing a lighter garment over your tattoo provides even better protection. But still apply sunscreen; the sun’s harmful rays can even cause damage through thin clothing.
  • Remember: even the most seasoned tattoos can peel or scar when you experience sunburn. Needless to say, peeling and scarring do nothing to help the look of your tatt.
  • Natural, chemical-free sunblocks are your best bet in protecting the skin. Many major-brand sunblocks contain chemicals that can damage the skin with prolonged use.

Baby It

So, you’re rocking a new tattoo that’s worthy of praise and admiration? Congrats! Whatever you do, however, don’t neglect the aftercare phase of tattoo maintenance, and aftercare begins as soon as your tattoo artist finishes the job.

  • Most tattoo artists apply a thin layer of ointment, usually made of petroleum, after completing the tattoo while also covering the area with a bandage of some sort. The covering prevents bacteria from getting in your skin, and also from rubbing on your clothes that may lead to irritation. Keep the bandage in place for several hours. Gently wash the area with soap and water (it’s best if the soap is fragrance-free) after you’ve removed the covering.
  • Apply another thin layer of ointment to your tattoo after you’ve washed it and patted it dry with a towel.
  • The most critical aspect of caring for your new tattoo is waiting for it to heal. You’ll aid the healing process, however, by wearing sun protective clothing, by not scratching or picking at the tattoo, by wearing loose, not tight clothing, and by not swimming or immersing your body in water for extended periods (it’s OK to take a shower). Note: don’t use sunblock on your tattoo until it’s fully healed.

Again, our Utility Balm provides superior conditioning and moisturizing that penetrates deeply into your skin to keep your tattoo from fading and its ink from breaking up. You’ll love how it helps keep your tattoo looking like new.

Well, that wraps up our guide for taking care of your beard, skin, hair, and tattoos without overly-complicating your routine. Our Utility Balm and Utility Bar help you to keep it simple while providing the same benefits, and more, of less versatile men’s grooming products. We hope you find this guide helpful as you continue to rock your overall look.

We’d also love to hear your comments and suggestions. Is there a grooming routine that you follow? Have you tried our Utility Balm and Utility Bar? Are there other products you use? We welcome your feedback.

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