Style Profile: Brian Harrington

My Personal Style:

Being a freelance marketing expert, I like to say I go for a unique professional look. With many of my clients I act as an intermediary between the creative types and the business types, so I work in both worlds.

I also don’t like combining shorts and socks.

My Fashion Must-Haves:

I have one pair of Levi’s with zippers on the back pockets that I haven’t been able to find anywhere else so I wear those often. Similarly, I have a pretty worn pair of brown Sperrys that I default to. If I’m going to drop big bucks, I’ll spend it at J. Crew but even then prefer the outlets over the mall.

My Beard:

I’ve been able to grow a beard since eighth grade, but all throughout high school I worked at a grocery store that only allowed mustaches. I didn’t have as much confidence back then so I followed their rules. Looking back on it I wish I had just grown the most gnarly high school mustache in hopes they would have let me wear a full beard. Then right out of college I was selling loans for a credit union and, once again, it was frowned upon to have more than the five o’clock shadow.

I do the majority of my work on a freelance contract basis now, and honestly doing that and growing the beard have been two of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

You can follow Brian on Twitter at @brainharrington.

Photos by Tommy Cairns


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