Style Profile: Jeffrey Buoncristiano

My Personal Style

Measure twice, cut once. I try not to think about getting ready everyday, and instead prefer to just throw something on. Of course, there’s a method to this madness, as I end up spending a little bit more time on the front end of my wardrobe being extremely selective when I’m shopping. I tend to spend more time and money on items that I know will last, and develop what I consider a personal, uniform-like style for my life.

My fashion Must Haves

My absolute musts are my Frye Boots and Nudie Jeans. Occasionally I go to my Dockers for a preppier style.

Why I Beard

I beard because I like being able to change up my appearance, and I feel like facial hair is a highlighter to my personal style and character. It’s like wearing your favorite article of clothing, but on your face. Aside from allowing me to play with different looks, my beard makes me feel good and confident.  I’m now more willing to take risks and move against the norms of what “stereotypical” beardsmen are doing with their style. (Undercuts, plaids, etc.) My beard has forced me into creating my OWN image and style. Besides, copying others is boring and unoriginal.

Jeff Buoncristiano

Connect with Jeff on Instagram: @buon_buon

Photos by Tommy Cairns

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