Max Frenzel

Who I Am

I’m Max Frenzel, a 25 year old quantum physicist and entrepreneur.

What I Do

Most of my days are spent either working on my PhD at Imperial College London, where I’m thinking about the connection between thermodynamics and quantum physics, or working on the algorithms that power CHOPCHOP, a startup I co-founded in 2014. I consider myself a working nomad since I’m rarely found in the office. Most of the time I’m working in coffee shops (they have an amazing creative atmosphere) or in nature.

In my free time I enjoy pushing my physical limits. Running ultramarathons gives me an incredible feeling of freedom and running in general is a moving form of meditation for me.

Where I Live

Originally from Germany, I’ve now been living in London for 6 years. In September I’ll be moving to Tokyo for a fellowship at Tokyo University. I really love Tokyo, especially its amazing nightlife and music scene. If you’re there and need any recommendations, get in touch.

Why I Beard

As a runner, being out on a trail for many hours at a time, exposed to the elements, you really start to appreciate the natural protection a beard gives your face, adding to the sense of self-reliance and the connection to nature.

My beard has definitely become a big part of who I am since I finally decided to go for a full yeard last summer and obviously it’s been a great experience.

And besides that, it’s a strong fashion statement and great conversation starter.

Connect with Max on Instagram: @mffrenzel

Photos by Ana Suanes



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