Style Profile: Max Nelson

My Personal Style

I always keep it simple. Black jeans and plain t-shirts or button ups that fit well. Fit is everything. Something as simple has having your pants hemmed or your shirt taken in can make make a world of difference. I’m not really big on jewelry so you usually won’t find me wearing any. I’ve always had short hair, but right now I’m going for the whole ‘man-bun’ look which I’ll probably keep until it has been beaten to death.

My Fashion Must Haves

I go through phases with must haves but if you saw me on the street right now there’s about a 90% chance I’ll be wearing the following: black jeans from UNIQLO (they’re affordable and they hem them on the spot), a black “Power Washed Tee” from American Apparel (it fits well and doesn’t wrinkle easily), a pair of dirty white sneakers (either my Air Force Ones, Air Maxes, Vans, or Chuck Ts), and if it’s cold I’ll wear an Acne black leather jacket (because they rule).

Why I Beard

I think if you have the ability to grow a beard you don’t really think about it, you just do it. Not only that but shaving is just straight up annoying; who has the time to do that every morning? Or maybe I’m just secretly hoping that society goes back to the old days where having a beard is like a status symbol. If this was the 12th century I would definitely be some sort of high-class bearded royalty but it’s 2015 so I guess I’m just another hipster in Bushwick.

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Photography by Tommy Cairns

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