Beard Bouquets, Anybody?

Here at Urban Beardsman, we pride ourselves on being a nonjudgmental group of guys. Maybe you’re really into Iggy Azalea’s record and like to dance around your house with it cranked to 11. Hey, that’s your prerogative, and we’re cool with that. Maybe you really think next season is going to be the year of the Philadelphia 76ers. Sure, anything is possible, man! And maybe you have a burning desire to decorate your beard with hand-crafted beard bling. If that’s your thing, we’re here to support that decision and show you how you can make it happen. Now just to be clear, Iggy Azalea is terrible, the 76ers are years away from being relevant again, and I’d advise against barhopping with bling in your beard. But I digress.

The Utah-based company Eco Flower is looking to reinvent flowers as we know them. According to their website, they use a variety of recycled materials ranging from denim and old novels to burlap and birch wood in order to create a reusable alternative to typical real flower bouquets that wither and die relatively quickly.


How is it cool when they do it, but when I gave my ex-girlfriend a burlap bag and a splintered piece of birch wood for our anniversary, she told me I was “insensitive and unromantic”?

Eco Flower creates custom bouquets that can be used for everything from home decor to wedding arrangements, and they are even able to imbue the bouquets with scents like Japanese Cherry Blossom and Black Raspberry Vanilla which can tickle your olfactory nerves for up to three months. And they are now gearing up to release their latest product – a beard bling kit, full of recycled flowers for your face.

A beard bling kit is as silly as Iggy Azalea playing after a 76ers game, but it’s also wildly intriguing and a sure-fire conversation starter.

Many beardsmen may remember that last Christmas, Beard Baubles became an overnight sensation. In 2014, The Grey London creative agency teamed up with designers Mike Kennedy and Pauline Ashford to create little Christmas balls and other trinkets that could be clipped to your beard. And against all odds – and defying all logic – they became a holiday hit.


Now Eco Flower is ready to release their own baubles, and they’ve even enlisted the help of Nic Mahoskey, who took home a gold medal at 2014’s World Beard and Mustache Championships this past October. Mahoskey is Eco Flower’s official beard bling model, and surprisingly makes wooden flowers in your beard look pretty manly.


The wood flower beard bling is available on Eco Flower’s website, and is described as a “fun idea for photo shoots, weddings, public events, and concerts.”

Like an Iggy Azalea concert, maybe.



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