Style Profile: Ricky Bakken

My personal style:

While my personal style is very “ less is more,” I would say that my fashion choices are mostly influenced by music and the people that create it. With that said, my style is constantly changing and evolving. I always take mental notes when I see someone wearing something I like. I think dressing simple and clean, with one or two things that pop in the outfit is better than trying too hard. I also get influences from the people I hang out with, and the collection of new styles I see everyday on the streets around LA. The most important thing to keep in mind is that if you’re confident, you can wear whatever you want.

my Fashion must haves:

One thing that I always have to keep on hand is a pair of brown boots. You can wear them anytime you go out, and not worry about spilling beer on them. Another key essential is the denim jacket. It keeps you warm on cold nights, and looks bad-ass. The last thing I always keep on me is a watch. I feel like my watch completes my look and makes makes me feel more successful. Besides, naked wrists aren’t cool.

Why I beard:

I love having a beard, probably because I’ve had facial hair since I was around the age of thirteen. Since shaving sucks (and takes too long), I just quit and found out I was able to grow a bad-ass beard that no one else my age could grow. I kept the beard throughout high school and college but never let it grow longer than 3 months.

After school I decided to grow it out for a year and see what it looked like. On top of making for a really fun year it became a conversation starter, and that’s when I realized I needed to wear a big beard on my face all the time.

Having a beard is just fun, and that’s why I beard.

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