The Danny P. Leather Wallet

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A wallet is an accessory that is under-appreciated. However, most men feel naked when they wear a pair of pants or shorts and don’t have their wallet in their pocket.

Every single day your wallet is tossed around, taken in and out of your pockets, and repeatedly sat on. For this reason, owning a wallet that has been poorly constructed with cheap materials is simply unacceptable.

Unlike many of the accessories we wear during our day to day routine, your wallet will visibly show wear and tear with time.

The Slim Leather Wallet by Danny P. meets and exceeds all expectations.

It all started when Daniel Piterak, founder and CEO, noticed his iPhone 5 was getting dinged up around the edges from daily use. He liked the unique design of the phone and chose to not cover it up with a cheap case.

He then realized how awesome it would be if he could combine the two things he could never be without, his wallet and his phone. This is how the original Danny P. wallet came about.

With the help of his good friend and co-designer, Lukas Vondracek, a prototype was created.

The two men searched all around the globe for a quality manufacturer with ample experience. They found just that in the Czech Republic. “Was it easy to find a manufacturer? Hardly. Was it worth the hours spent traveling, negotiating and being very picky in general? For sure. We finally found the perfect manufacturer in the heart of Europe – the Czech Republic. Unlike many others around the world, these guys have been working with leather for more than 100 years!” writes Piterak.

Next they needed to find a trustworthy material source for their top-notch products. All Danny P. products are made with premium Italian leather.

Innovation, durability, and style all came together when the final product was produced. The product became an instant necessity for any man looking to carry his wallet and phone in the most efficient way possible.

The success of the original Danny P. wallet led to the companies expansion of producing similar leather accessories. This is when Urban Beardsman founder, Eric Bandholz made the connection. Bandholz is a bit of  a minimalist with his style. The Slim Leather Wallet just happened to be exactly what he was looking for.

Unlike the original Danny P. Wallet, the one offered by Urban Beardsman under Eric’s collection does not come with the phone pocket. Significantly sleeker, the “Slim” Leather Wallet is a bit more subtle in you pocket.

This version of the Danny P. is equipped with one large currency slot, eight credit and debit card slots, and 2 miscellaneous slots for your ID, etc. The entire wallet measures 4.69″ x 3.54″ x 0.43″ inches, just the right size to fit comfortably in your pants pocket.

Dark brown leather affords you with a wallet that will look good no matter what you are wearing. Lastly, the durability of this carefully crafted currency holder is unmatched. The leather will become softer and more pliable with daily use without fading of the colors.

If your old wallet is falling apart, head on over to Urban Beardsman to get your hands on one of these classic bi-folds.

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