The Anson Adjustable Belt and Buckle

A quality belt is a vital necessity for any outfit. Whether you’re sporting your favorite pair of jeans or your classy three piece suit, your belt needs to be comfortable, durable, and compliment your outfit. Most of us have been in the situation where you put on your favorite belt and realize the perfect fit is in between two belt holes. One hole more and the belt feels as if its suffocating you from the waist down. However, one hole less, and your pants will be dragging the floor within minutes. With the Anson Belt & Buckle, you will never be faced with this problem again.

The buckle is equipped with Micradjust Technology. This allows you to adjust the belt in increments of a quarter inch, as opposed to a classic leather belt with 4-5 holes typically spaced an inch or more apart. You have the ability to adjust your belt throughout the course of your day to maintain that perfect fit. So whether you are adjusting your belt right after lunch or right after your workout, there’s no margin for error.

Believe it or not, it gets better. When you order your Anson, you will receive FIFTY inches of belt designed to be cut to size. In other words, you are leaving nothing up to chance when making your purchase. I recommend laying the belt beside and existing belt you already own to get a ball park idea of how much needs to be trimmed off. You can trim the 1.25″ marina blue canvas strap with a pair of kitchen scissors. After that, you snap on your buckle to the end of the belt opposite the tracks.

One Anson gunmetal finished buckle can be used on different belts of the same width. This allows for opportunities to mix and match buckles and belts to compliment your most complex outfits.

Frank Ferree, co-founder of  Anson Belt & Buckle states that in 2006, three years before the company was founded, that Micradjust Technology had been around in Asia for years. What he and his son, David Ferree noticed was the severe lack of styles and materials available in the United States. “I immediately began to search for other belts like this that I could add to my collection. I checked every website and belt outlet imaginable. I called friends and family all over the country and asked them to check out their local men’s clothing stores. Nowhere could I find another belt like the one I had brought home from Asia” Frank states on his website.

This is when the idea was pushed into a business plan. in 2009 Frank and David Ferree introduced a men’s belt that afforded the wearer over 30 adjustable settings. They put the icing on the cake when they developed a variety of different styled belts that could be worn with any outfit.

Never worry about investing in a belt that might not fit 2-3 months down the road. With the Anson Belt & Buckle, you can rest assure you belt will comfortably supply support and style around your waist for years to come.


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